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Hello Mastodon! I'm Espresso, and I'm an illustration hobbyist these days. I mostly draw anthros, but my background is in design.

Peter and Mary, complainin’ about dumb coworkers most likely.

Felt like creating my own Pokemon Mystery Dungeon team for fun. I plan on adding more to this - like better shading and an actual background environment - but I also like these two on their own.

I see this duo as having a kind of brotherly relationship with one another, with the (formerly human) buneary being the big brother figure of the two. Hence why riolu is getting an earful for screwing up the mission. Again.

I also still need some names for these two.

Pokemon © GameFreak and Nintendo

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Old Art, b/c Damn I'm *Tired* Today: Tiny humans, tacky foods, & Olive-Heads 

Then 2 olive-head cards. A fem. in a blue ballgown b4 a white brick wall. (Text: "How about an old-time tune?") Then a dude building something at a desk with small & large bread slices nearby, plus planes & a jar of meat & radish slice overhead. (Text: "Be sure to try our five big fakes.")

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Goofing around with @bakertoons the other night, and came up with the name “Lauren Ipsum” for a writer, english-major type character. He promptly created a bunny OC to go with the name, and the rest is history.

So of course, I had to draw her in my style as well!

Very mild gore 

Realized that I haven't yet drawn anything for Halloween this year. Considering it's by birthday, I feel kinda obligated.

Enjoy this Zombie Bun, won't you?

Yesterday was National Rabbit Day! Here’s my sorely neglected and seldomly drawn ‘sona getting ready for Fall.

I managed to get this drawn and posted to Twitter at exact 11:59 PM last night, so with just a minute to spare! I’d forgotten to add his black eartips tho, so that’s fixed in this version.

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MLAATR's 16th anniversary was a few weeks ago, so i put together some jenny doodles in CSP a while ago. i still love this show after all this time... #mastoart

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Gasp, clothes!

A tentative outfit design for Daphne, based on her old outfit from her original incarnation. It pays a bit of an homage to her pokemon roots.

Portraits of friends' characters!

In order of appearance:
Waffledog's Cherry
@bakertoons's Queen Felicia
DarwinTFish's Blaire!

I attempted to tackle Toon June this year, but like so often with monthly challenges, I either don't have the time needed to devote to them, or my day job leaves me low on energy and motivation.

I was able to do the first two prompts however: Favorite Cartoon Character (Eek the Cat) and Favorite Villain (The Monarch.)

I don't really have a *true* favorite character, but I always considered Eek an underrated gem of a cartoon. The Monarch, however, was a forgone conclusion!

A while back, I nabbed myself a new iPad and the Apple pencil because I had heard great things about their responsiveness, especially when using Procreate. These bunners were my first practice doodles, and I can confirm that Procreate is very fun to work with. (Featuring @atrox's Celie!)

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