This time is . Fancy some ?

Here is my latest studio mix, SEPTEMBER.

I published this last month, and the name is referred to the fact that all the tracks I mixed have been released in the same month of September 2021, so it's all new music for your ears! Enjoy!

***part 2/2

The final part of the LUNG-TA project is LUNG-TA Temple, a plan to build a temple/sacred space next summer at the Nowhere festival, the official European Burning Man gathering. More about it soon.

For all details about the project, check the dedicated website


***part 1/2

LUNG-TA is my latest art installation, an active project that turned out to be a platform for 4 different creative offsprings.

LUNG-TA is the main art installation I presented in Rome 2 weeks ago is also a covid memorial project, inspired by Tibetan prayer flags.

This weekend I will present LUNG-TA Remixed, a "remixed" version of the work for an art space in Rome.

Over the last 2 weeks I have preformed several street art intervention in Rome, LUNG-TA Street Art.

More about BREATHE

Here is a video that concentrate the experience of breathing with the trees of Villa Ada. Enjoy

BREATHE is a land / light art installation I created last summer in the roman park of Villa Ada for the music festival Villa Ada Incontra il Mondo 2021.

As usual with my work, there were several layers of interpretation - the most important message was: "no more I can't breathe", in support of the movement.

Check out the project and plenty of pictures and video at the dedicated website

And this is why I finally decided to join Mastodon.

I hope you peeps will like my content, mostly my own art projects + photography + music

Let's start tooting!


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