i’ve been playing with a bit. it’s fun but i definitely have mixed feelings about these kinds of AI generators. regardless, here are fun things i’ve “made” with it

i haven’t done any drawing or anything in ages. i am going to attempt this daily prompt challenge #CryptidInJuly (by MarisasHorror on twitter)

#cryptids #art

maybe i will do but there are other challenges this month too (as per last boost). hmmm!

I posted the list of creative for September I know about on my website!
It's mostly social media tags like - look if you find something interesting? Boosts appreciated.

late last night i was too tired to spend much time on so it's just a quick scribble. again, cherry-picking from various prompt lists :P this one is "(anthropomorphic) mouse♂" and "thief" (prince of thieves in this case) mastodon.art/media/FIWCWai6c-E

i missed a lot of due to illness. i’m not going to try to catch up but instead just continue on. the prompts i used for this one were: (anthropomorphic) “cat ♂” and “huntsman”

my inktober drawings for today and probably tomorrow are going to be late. not feeling great today, just going to rest a lot

i forgot i signed up here lol. so many instances. mayhaps i'll post my entries here


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