THE PLEDGE, 8x10, multimedia on canvas panel. This one needs to be framed with an open frame (no glass). It's in the shop:

WERE YOU LEFT WHEN YOU SHOULD HAVE BEEN LOVED?, 8x10, multimedia on canvas. It's in the shop:

LAND OF A THOUSAND VOICES, 11x14, multimedia on canvas. Find it in my shop:

I hope to write a story with the same title and maybe a new painting. We shall see.

Broken Toyland Christmas Ornaments for 2021, 25 and 26. They are 3.5x4, one of a kind, handpainted on ceramic. Not in the shop. Please email with inquiries.
These feature my little Frida character with one of her bunny pals ;)
They are very traditional bright Mexican and New Mexican colours of orange and turquoise. Super sparkly edges.


All are 3.25x3.25, mulltimedia on ceramic. All one of a kind originals. All have gold micro glitter edges and red ribbon hangers. Sparkle Sparkle ;)
They are not in the shop. Email or msg for info.
Here's a little video:

Fun fun fun ;) These are 3.5x4, multimedia on ceramic. They are not in my shop, so contact direct with inquiries. You can send an email from

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