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I'm making a zine about subterranean Newcastle. If you know of a lesser known tunnel, air raid shelter, culvert or notable basement - real or rumoured please tell me all about it.

Over the Garden Wall is strange and beautiful and I don't understand how I feel like I have been watching it for months and grown to care for these characters when I only started on Wednesday and now it's Friday. Something about episode 4 distorts time. We watched it all, twice.

Is it just me or are coffee shop hot chocolates intolerably sweet? Nobody can drink that. Chocolate syrup is not for making hot chocolate, stop it.

I'm pretty sure the first Disney film I ever saw was Fantasia (1940). Night on Bald Mountain is amazing to watch even now:

First project of the year marked off as complete. Accomplishment.

Looking at references for D&D rogue character designs. Why so many belts?

"There was this half-orc fella, he... turned into a giant goat!"

Hitman 2: I just learned the hard way that I need to wait 2.5 seconds after a poison kill for it to register as unnoticed. No silent assassin on the latest elusive target for me then. :-(

Really enjoying Hitman season 2. Just wish there were options to change to ui text size. Can barely read some of it.

Resorting to a hot water bottle under my feet. Thanks Winter.

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