Just left the party with a mystery to solve in - the worst part is I can't talk about any of it, not even to @DM_Confidential@twitter.com. They'd spot it. Lalala.

When I was young and on holiday with my family I remember climbing a hill, a decent sized hill. I remember there being a lemonade stand at the top. Now I search for that lemonade stand whenever I climb a big hill. Arthur's Seat did not have a lemonade stand. But it was good.

I wish to dress like I am going on a quest, given to me by an elf with too much free time. I am off to Edinburgh, any indie alternative type shops I should look out for?

Working on item cards for - The final cards will be reminiscent of old botany books. Some of these plants are so rare they can only be found in the Feywild. Only ingest as directed, failure to do so may have adverse effects.

Just met a kid who keeps her money in a pokeball! Best thing.

A Tyne Bridge at the @TyneBankBrewery@twitter.com with @TynemouthCoffee@twitter.com. Nice.

At the @TyneBankBrewery@twitter.com for the Newcastle @EtsyUK@twitter.com market. The sun is out, there's handmade goodies and to top it all off, pizza!

Making some lighthouse cards for Saturday's Etsy market.

Can we all just agree about how good Kula Shaker are?

I just ate an almond that tasted very very wrong. Have I been poisoned?

Hey men. When a woman says no you should listen. I don't care how good a guy you are or if you were just being friendly, stop pushing. If she gives in and says yes she's probably measuring the likelihood of getting hurt for continuing to say no and just wants you to leave.

How do you decide when you know someone well enough to say hello to while passing in the street? When I see online friends in real life I suddenly don't know the rules.

Do you remember when you joined Twitter? Twitter does. It knows all. I am number 12.

I just ate a flapjack that was 3 days out of date. I await my flapjack based powers.

Second power cut in as many days in North Shields. Roughly the same time too. Good thing it's a sunny day. Off to eat a sandwich in the garden.

What's good headphones for sound quality these days? Anything but in ear please.

The party of adventurers known as The Oddity Squadity Going on an Odyssey have arrived in the city of Bairdoglast, just in time for the Radish Festival. What luck.

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