Three emails from one person, all saying the same thing? It's clearly a Monday.

Anyway, here's something more cheerful. A nice picture I did to start March off in my notebook. Very much enjoying green and gold as this month's colour scheme.

I often find myself using Facebook pages, events and messenger for work. It's becoming increasingly difficult to navigate. Facebook has always been most useful in my social circles as a group calendar and event finder but it feels like right now it barely functions at all.

The new Gmail app layout is super clean but far too bright in the evening. Needs a dark mode.

Drinking a caffeinated beverage is a bit like drinking an unmarked mysterious potion. I must roll 2d8, the result is the number of hours I won't be able to take a long rest for.

Meet Lock, the Kenku Grave Cleric, my brother's character. This is my first pass at attempting a Kenku, got a way to go before I can happily ink it.

I hope my players enjoy playing D&D at least half as much as I enjoy planning it. I've produced so much material.

I had caffeine at 2pm. That is why I am still awake.

I've managed to keep all of these things alive! Aren't you proud? Big aloe is nearly 5 years old. Windowsill mint is excellent for super fresh tea. Orchid arrived in the house with flowers two years ago, it has never flowered since but I still like it.

The Funky Slug is just an indie version of the tuxedo princess.

This story might have something to do with the new fast automatic daffodils.

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