Sitting waiting for a thing so here is my alleged doppelganger.

The sorting has begub. Zines and comics of a self published nature mostly in one box, accessible, readable and safe from dust.

Does anyone I know want what I assume to be the full run of Strangers in Paradise by Terry Moore, spread between two different collected editions and some single issues?

If you google the phrase "you're gonna carry that weight" the results are a combination of a vaporwave youtube video based on Cowboy Bebop and the lyrics to a Beatles song. Perfect.

On the left is the regular Metro, on the right is the Metro under Cylon control.

Stairs. taken during intermission last week.

I wonder where that zine is? Good thing all my zines are organised on a shelf so that I can easily find... Oh.

How do you organise things without spines and no consistent size?

It's funny what memories come up when you're under the weather. Let me tell you about my first ever rejection.

I was 4 years old, in a supermarket with my granny. A girl about the same age as me was sitting on a ride similar to the picture.

Sometimes when you're not well you have to return to the classics. Hot blackcurrant.

Nearly forgot to post this. Playing with glitches again.

Something is happening here.

day 3 - Bait. Angler Fish are very strange looking creatures.

It's and day 1's prompt is ring. A ring of stones holds in the deep water.

Streaming with my sister - Playing one of my all time favourite games, Guild Wars. 14 years old and ageing like a fine wine.

The plot thickens. Our adventurers try to solve the murder of Old Shimmer Ash. They've connected the dots?

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