The Funky Slug is just an indie version of the tuxedo princess.

This story might have something to do with the new fast automatic daffodils.

Help. I have had wine and am revealing secrets.

Something fell over in the house last night. Loud clattering was heard. Still no sign of what fell over though. Must be sleep hating ghosts.

More Zelda on the Switch? Yes. Good. Look at how cute this is!

⚡️ “Subterranean Newcastle Zine Notes”

A compiled list of tweets about interesting bits of Newcastle for my zine project.

Way back in the past I did a lot of research about tunnels for the Paper Jam comic, Newcastle Stories and that. I found my old notes, and combined with some very useful Twitter conversations I've started compiling research into a zine all about subterranean Newcastle.

In our last couple of games as DM, I've used initiative trackers - folded index cards over the DM screen, HP and AC on one side, plus other important combat stats. A picture of the character or creature on the front. They are the best combat decision I have ever made.

Computer off. Many lights. Looks like this is a device I definitely have to unplug when I'm done for the day.

About 2 and a half hours ago I started playing with the Launchpad and Ableton Live. I like the immediacy of this music making device. Now if only I could play in time.

The land is being overrun by infected creatures with some kind of controlling hive mind and mysterious but mostly murderous intent, their boss monster is a dragon. or

It may be proper cold but I'm loving the blue skies. Actual sunlight is pretty good.

I've just watched a gang of four crows take on a whole flock of seagulls. Noisy battle. Crows know tactics, crows won.

Has anyone had success exporting vectors from openstreetmap? I can only create SVG files that are either not really SVG or too big for Illustrator to open without crashing.

Does anyone else sit and cackle to themselves when their drawing is going really well?

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