How do you decide when you know someone well enough to say hello to while passing in the street? When I see online friends in real life I suddenly don't know the rules.

Do you remember when you joined Twitter? Twitter does. It knows all. I am number 12.

I just ate a flapjack that was 3 days out of date. I await my flapjack based powers.

Second power cut in as many days in North Shields. Roughly the same time too. Good thing it's a sunny day. Off to eat a sandwich in the garden.

What's good headphones for sound quality these days? Anything but in ear please.

The party of adventurers known as The Oddity Squadity Going on an Odyssey have arrived in the city of Bairdoglast, just in time for the Radish Festival. What luck.

My search for not milk, milk like stuff continues. Oatly: first reaction - nope, that's the wrong colour. However, taste and texture are about right. It will definitely freak out visitors who want a cup of tea or coffee.

I've just launched a Patreon. You should come by and let me know what you'd like to see more of.

Railroad ink at with

Last week I attended the Applied Comics Network conference - I have 27 pages of notes, here are some of the more visually pleasing and simply readable ones.

A photo from - believe it or not that lego piece is a sparrow wearing a sequinned cloak enchanted to glow in the dark.

I can never resist a spooky corridor. This one is somewhere on the Newcastle University campus.

Today was a good day. But now I am a blanket.

Thank you for a great event. hope to attend more of these.

Very interesting talk by Florence Okoye about using comics to celebrate women in science, specifically here Evelyn Cheeseman. Drawn by Many notes are being taken

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