Something is happening here.

I am not of standard size and like to try my clothing on before buying it. Which real life shops should I be looking in for nicely patterned high quality leggings?

This morning I have a very present headache. The kind of headache that feels like your entire head is being slowly crushed.

Rewatching Buffy with, most of which he's seeing for the first time. Buffy helped me survive being a teenager, it holds a special place in my heart. It's also not perfect. A good chunk of it has dated badly as TV has taken and learned from it.

So is a good game. It's like if Mass Effect and Fallout got together to make a space Western baby. Perfect. I only wish I could increase the text size, struggling to read it.

Just saw Hound of the Baskervilles at excellent production. It's amazing what you can do with four people, a wonky table and a lot of atmosphere. Lovely to see that in it too.

Some men menstruate. Some non-binary people menstruate. Not all women menstruate.

This tweet is here because I got wound up by noise. Good night.

I am tired and seeing a lot of noise. I shall add to the noise. Some men menstruate. Some non-binary people menstruate. Not all women menstruate.

Good night.

The genres of YouTube vidoes I like:

Film studies video essay.
Game studies video essay.
Canadians living in Japan.

Because trying to stream an entire series of anything not made for streaming is a MESS: does anyone have DVDs of Steven Universe past season 1 we could borrow?

My bedtime hasn't been this early since I was 9. I sleep and it is good.

Fell behind with , decided to keep my energy for other things for the rest of the month. Might do another if the mood takes me but I'm not doing every day.

The we need: Last of the Summer Wine Trek.

Data, Picard and Worf tumbling down the hillside in a bath on wheels. Riker running after, having attempted to sit in his signature manner only to be the one to set the tub in motion. Beverley Crusher watches, disapproving.

It appears that today's tweets are entirely to do with being ill. Sorry about that. For those of you keeping track, add nausea to the list.

I've reached the point in this cold where I am trying to resume normal activity only to find that I am still far to ill and tired to do so.

I pulled a neck muscle while coughing at some point last week and now my entire left shoulder is in pain. Feels like I need to pop it back in or something.

day 3 - Bait. Angler Fish are very strange looking creatures.

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