It's film night. Quick, what should we stream?

Making coffee: nice process, easy steps, satisfying outcome. Feels like science or potion.

Drinking coffee: satisfying taste and smell, nice feeling of wakefulness. Feels like self care.

After drinking coffee: too awake, brain no quiet, no stop. Feels like regret.

Family Lego legacy. Now to find the wheels that went with them. Little metal connectors as I recall.

Relax, the destination isn't all that important, is it?
I made some new music.

Any tips on trying to run a small business with a 10 month old during lockdown?

Unrelated to previous post, disposing of batteries while trying not to go anywhere due to a pandemic seems impossible.

It's hard to function without the routines, shortcuts and structures I spent years building up. Some days I feel like I'm just drifting along, others like I'm being catapulted through. I've started building new coping strategies but I've not found the right ones yet.

I don't know if it's the IVF, the pregnancy or the emergency c section but every time I get my period now my ovaries feel like golf balls. My whole abdomen visibly swells up.

In primary school we couldn't go play until our lunch trays were clear. A regular meal was gammon and a pineapple ring. It was so salty and chewy it would make me retch. I used to hide it, half chewed in my mouth until dismissed, then spit it down the toilet.

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