There is a very annoying sales call I keep declining. I have blocked the 0800 version of the number but the +800 version has started to call instead, which when I try to block my phone says is an invalid number. Any suggestions?

Streaming with my sister - Playing one of my all time favourite games, Guild Wars. 14 years old and ageing like a fine wine.

Last night I dreamed about rescuing a bird from the road, it was white and had three eyes. Definitely an omen.

As we know, gender is performative. Sometimes the word "she" really grates on me. It seems like this has been true for long enough that "who's she, the cats mother" exists as a phrase. So my question is, where did this saying come from?

I wish people would read the whole email, not just the first line.

I went to bed early and am not allowed to eat breakfast until after the medication has worn off. If you hear strange low rumbling like thunder that is in fact my tummy.

We've had some new things listed on Small Press Directory! Thanks to our new members. Help me grow this tiny wiki into the best and resource it can be:

The big bit of the IVF is happening this week. Yikes. That came round both slow and faster than it seemed.

Hey and related folks. I've made a wiki: to help document the sometimes ephemeral things made by the small press scene. Small runs printed on loo roll for example can be noted in all their glory here.

Been working on a new project, it needs willing human test subjects to contribute:
A wiki for small press comics, zines and books and those that create them. Request an account to get involved.

Step 2 in the IVF injection sequence. As I understand it step 1 got rid of my hormones, this one adds them back in. This injection itches like mad.

I am about half way through IVF treatment with It's making me grumpy, sad, sleepy, hot, cold, sore and today nauseous. Please send cat videos while I have a day off.

The plot thickens. Our adventurers try to solve the murder of Old Shimmer Ash. They've connected the dots?

For a brief moment I forgot who Ian McKellen was. This distresses me.

A ritual has taken place here. I can feel it. So can the ants.

Back in 1995 I suddenly, desperately wanted to learn to play violin. This video from roughly 1:40 onwards is THE reason:

Just filled the last page of my Quest Log with knowledge. Thanks for the excellent notebook

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