I miss sleeping on my back. My throne of pillows is comfy though. Half way to meeting this tiny human and very very done with the process of getting there.

Dial M For Murder at @peoplestheatre@twitter.com was excellent. Highly recommend it to anyone who likes theatre, suspense or women detectives with excellent presence.

We have a lot of CDs that we don't need to access very often but want to keep safe up in a cupboard. What's good storage boxes that are easy to move in and out, not too heavy and not too expensive?

Netflix is a challenge in speed. Hesitate even for a second and you've suddenly got someone yelling the plot of their show at you. Not sure what episode you're on? Well it's already playing, you don't have a choice.

I may have just started populating a playlist titled Baby Wiggles. It consists of music that I theorise the baby will wiggle to. I either need suggestions or to stop, right now. Thank you very much.

I feel like I'm following too many people right now. Am I following any known bad people?

Feel like getting rid of them is a good place to start but it's hard to check everyone.

Got baby clothes and cried. I am the sober one.

Today I feel mostly fine but a bit like my brain hasn't properly booted up. I may try a system restart (having a nap) soon.

It's funny what memories come up when you're under the weather. Let me tell you about my first ever rejection.

I was 4 years old, in a supermarket with my granny. A girl about the same age as me was sitting on a ride similar to the picture.

Sometimes when you're not well you have to return to the classics. Hot blackcurrant.

I'm happy to say that @Paulxthompson@twitter.com and I are expecting our tiny human on 8th June 2020.

Two teenage girls, one is trans. Using their science knowledge they have set out to create the perfect man. Played by Chris Hemsworth.

- Weird Science (2020).

There is always a point in voting. Vote for the party who will help the most people. Vote because there are people who can't. The person in charge can change at the drop of a hat, changing which party we end up with is a lot harder.

Just have to say I have never been so grateful for stealing three chips with curry sauce than just now. @sarahdavywrites@twitter.com your parents are class.

Nearly forgot to post this. Playing with glitches again.

It the perfect day to unsubscribe from all those sales newsletters you found yourself signed up for over the last 12 months.

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