Anyone want these? Popular Computing Weekly from 1982-5. Not a complete set. As far as I can see they're all up on No takers will result in them being cut up for collage.

Tonight is film night. Recommend us a good film we might not have seen.

Robin has never been in a shop.
He's never been in a café.

He's not even been inside his grandparents house.

Is the thing with sea shanties that it's simple communal singing that brings folks together during a time when we're all feeling a bit isolated?

Getting there.

I'll be honest, I'm struggling with both time and motivation this year but as I sit here with a baby asleep on me I'm feeling like my best goal will just be to keep going.

I don't know what this year has lined up for me but that's okay.

You'd get more by spending the alleged £30 at a cinema snack counter.

The organic, workers co-op veg box we get costs about £12 and has more food in it than the very basic looking free school meals from the government apparently worth £30.

It seems I have imposter syndrome over the amount of anxiety I am qualified for.

Among Robin's favourite things: being in the bath.

Among Robin's least favourite things: getting in the bath and getting out of the bath.

I suspect even twitter's chronological timeline isn't truly chronological as I only ever see tweets from the same 50 people.

I've somehow created three pieces of music this year. Here's one I've just finished. Footnote.

Old Jack's Boat is an alternate timeline Doctor Who series right? Bernard Cribbins and Freema Agyeman in a tiny slightly odd village. With episodes written by Russell T Davies.

Can anyone else remember anything about Christmas 2019? I know it happened. I know I was there because I got a couple of presents for the bump to be Robin but don't remember being there. I was pretty exhausted around that time, maybe I slept through it.

Dodgem Logic 1, 2 and 3 are up on the ol' ebay to raise money for cancer research uk:

So what's the most cost effective printer with the cheapest inks available these days? This one is only needed for documents and post labels as we have a proper printer for the big stuff.

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