Robin's library is growing nicely. Though we don't know who to thank?

Looking through some old photos when I found this one from York. Can anyone tell me what it means? Did I discover a secret?

Reading the time when sleepy.

Inner Voice: it's £4.21.
Outer Me: hmm something is not right there.

A while back I scanned in some negatives from the late 90's and early 2000's. Here's an aesthetic.

I was thinking about what I want out of s2 of The Witcher and...

I sometimes do this thing where I accidentally say the start of one word followed by the end of the next word. I assume my mouth is trying to catch up to where my brain is in the sentence. It happens more often when I'm tired, communication is fun.

I've not drawn much since having Robin, time to change that. I'm going to try and do a page every day. Anything I like. Any amount, any size of page, using any tools.

Small walk around the Newcastle uni campus while I wait for Robin to get out of surgery. Not sure what this is but the bees love it.

A little gift from me, to me, things are looking up.

We're weaning Robin off the oxygen. Starting with 30 mins a day. Love getting to see his face properly.

Last night I dreamed that I went out for ice-cream. I asked for vanilla and they offered me almonds and honey on top. Simple dreams about things that are now difficult.

Disappointed that the YouTube kids app doesn't let me pre-approve some videos from non kids channels that I know to be safe.

Robin likes his Japanese City Pop and Jazz Funk.

Getting some good photos of Robin. Turns out a baby is photogenic, who would have thought.

Today we explore 80s Japanese fusion jazz, city pop, funk and soul.

Happy first Father's Day to You're a great dad!

Hmm £39 for delivery of a desk from IKEA? Think I'll just use the floor.

It's not that I don't feel like being creative, it's more that whenever I do it's suddenly bedtime.

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