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I was not really satisfied by the last post...
So I drew another head before going offline.



This is how the result of a felicitous day should look like :D
Keep on drawing!

🎨 :bob_ross:

I just found another resource for drawing pose references. It also includes a timer for quick sketches.

So drawing time over for today.

Btw, my sketches always look a little bit better before cleanup.
Much more tension visible tension...

😀 🔥 🎨 :bob_ross:

hmn, getting better on painting skin colour with
Next step is the improvement of skin "texture".

😀 🔥 🎨 :bob_ross:

Finally, I did some digital work again after month.

I hope you like my "pilot".

😀 🔥 🎨 :bob_ross:

original is about 6x6cm

I'm still trying to translate my "theoretical" anatomy knowledge to realistic bodies...
I hope you like it :)

😀 🔥 🎨 :bob_ross:

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