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Day 31 "crawl"

>little late, sorry. Inktober this year was really fun :)
>Fullview please because of vertical aspect ratio.

It didn't pick up much steam last week's (as in no one else did it) but I have more #followfriday recommendations for you all:

@unfa an open-source/Linux exclusive music producer and graphics designer.

@Gynux an illustrator.

@alcinnz a browser developer.

@unflocked a game developer.

@brandkopf an illustrator.

@gray a platform agnostic sysadmin.

If you want me to remove you from the toot please let me know, and sorry in advance.

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I currently tag my content which I only post here on mastodon an no other social media with .
But I think there might be more clear possibilities.

Which one should I take?
You can also tell me your ideas. :fediverse: :mastodon:

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