some small character practise.
original about 2x2cm

I hope you like it.

😀 🔥 🎨 :bob_ross:

@MustafaKulle Hi,

I did a very rough descripton on my second "3Dnized" picture.
You can find the post here.

I hope this helps

@Photorat Hi
Yes you are right, that it the main concept.
I start with a plane in and then apply a "Displacement Map". Here I paint the needed z-buffer texture in .
I also thought of using sculpting, maybe next time.

In this case I also separated the picture to fore,mid, and background planes to make it look more clean.

Some feedback on improvement of this workflow is pretty welcome :D

@Ed8 wow thanks for this inside. Really that's a good information since I usually dont use references and its always hard to image "small" details like this, which would give it a much more realistic feeling.

I did some more experiments on putting some depth into my existing paintings.

This gonna be the last one for a long time, since this is taking too much time

I hope you like it!


uhm, I completely messed up the hatching here.
Anyhow, every piece of practise is valuable :)

I hope u like it

😀 🔥 🎨 :bob_ross:

@fraeuleinwusel @anarchiv
lol ja, ich konnte es eigentlich nicht besonders lange anschaun... wurde dann irgendwie creepy o.OO

I discovered a nice method to put some 3D into existing paintings :)

Here I took one gouache painting from last year.

I hope you like the gif and not getting dizzy.

I stream different resolutions to different peertube instances with ngnix. To be more specific with the RTMP module of ngnix.


so you can "push" the stream to different servers and you also you can re-encode it.

Hi, thanks for the nice feedback.

I copied some screenshots of my settings in OBS and put it there:

-Deactivating Auto-Focus
-Adding some slight OBS sharpening filter
-Having an even and bright light source is key!

I hope this helps :)

@Gargron VISTA of course, guys that was the greatest.

Whenever i opened a "non Microsoft" programe, I got a bluescreen during shutdown. marvelous :)

Some freestyle type of pair-pose....
The pose is maybe a little bit too unrealistic.
I will practise this more in the future :)

😀 🔥 🎨 :bob_ross:


After your current header, maybe you can use one of mine as an intermediate picture, if its ok. I will also try to advertise this hashtag more in the fediverse :D

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