@aaribaud yes,,, a pretty hard season.. why is the new installation based all upon php8.1 but not current website is supporting 8.1 by default... >.< so I had to manually downgrade

ohh man,
I wasted the complete afternoon with the dist-upgrade of my webserver.... self-hosting is sometimes really annoying

@raiun I use a pen tablet. Wacom intous 5 with ubuntu 22.04. I had no problems so far

@kranzkrone :D I stopped playing games in 2007, so I really dont have a clue. But of course it would be great to create artwork for games ;D

@julieninthesky for me, as a German, there is a second layer of information in that :D

"sauf" means "drink alcohol!"

after some month now again something digital with

I hope you like my "dwarf smith" ... or drwarf something ;D

🔥 🎨

another week, another time-lapse from my streams.

This time it is a .... uhmnm "Fairy-Well?"

Howerver, I hope you like it :)

🔥 🎨

@gemlog no problem, I was refering to the tower-bride in london

but its only similar by name but not by its look

Here again a time-lapse video from my stream of last week on .
I hope you like my "tower bridge".

See you all on my next stream :D

🔥 🎨

@Sahil_n05 At least, I thought about doing some "tutorial" videos on . But I have no clue how to plan and record this kind of content 😓

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