This is how the result of a felicitous day should look like :D
Keep on drawing!

🎨 :bob_ross:

original is about 6x6cm

I'm still trying to translate my "theoretical" anatomy knowledge to realistic bodies...
I hope you like it :)

😀 🔥 🎨 :bob_ross:

some update
practise for "baroque" ceiling painting group compositions.

.... and yes with some random color filter ;D
hope you like it.

😀 🔥 🎨 :bob_ross:

trying to get better in drawing the body of non-fit characters from imagination.

😀 🔥 🎨 :bob_ross:

today again a little painting on the train.
But we arrived before it was done. O.o

😀 🔥 🎨

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