another week, another time-lapse from my streams.

This time it is a .... uhmnm "Fairy-Well?"

Howerver, I hope you like it :)

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Here again a time-lapse video from my stream of last week on .
I hope you like my "tower bridge".

See you all on my next stream :D

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screenshot of my last stream today "30 min random flower".

little quick and dirty but I hope you like it anyhow.

A still-life practise I did over the last days to get used to some detailed work with oil.

I hope you like it :)

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For those of you, who do not know me yet, I would like to introduce myself briefly.

- I'm a hobby illustrator from south bavaria. 🍺🥨 (alps and stuff)
- I do figurative art with traditional media but sometimes also digital art wit . 🖼️
- I post my artwork exclusively on the fediverse and on my webpage :fediverse:

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some still-life study.
Since this is only for practise I skipped the stretcher bars.

I hope you like it.

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