small treasure chest drawing from my train ride adventure yesterday.

What could possibly be in it?

🔥 🎨

Feels a bit like those MC Escher drawings where the picture seems to come out of the paper.

What’s inside the chest? 

A smaller drawing of a chest, which just so happens to contain a smaller drawing of a chest. Inside that chest, there is somehow an even smaller drawing of a chest, which in turn contains…

What’s inside the chest? 

@Christian Well, that would require an infinity of artists, and we can clearly see that this is not a chest of drawers.

What’s inside the chest? 

@brandkopf If Norwegian folktales are to be believed, it must be a cow's tail.

(I was reminded of the short tale "The Box with Something Pretty in It", which features a mysterious locked box)

@brandkopf That’s a really good sketch. It’s like it comes off the sheet. Nice!

@brandkopf A large set of teeth and the robes of the last person to open it!

@brandkopf Nothing. It's a drawing. It's two dimensional. Two dimensional drawings cannot store things. I shouldn't have to be telling you this. The chest is not a real tangible object. There is nothing inside.

Non serious respond just joking around: 


:) yes it might be a piece of surrealism art (like this famous pipe by René Magritte )

If this were so, then this is not even a drawing but only pixels on your screen and I would exist only in your head and tell you this.

Non serious respond just joking around: 

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