I don't know if you now the German 9-euro ticket.

However, now the trains in Germany are stuffed with people, the train was wobbling and the light was awful...

but the drawing result of todays train ride is "ok" 🥴

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sorry typo in the first line :), not "now" its "know"

Being a Brit I know of it and am eternally jealous! Did you have an audience?

@wordsmith no need of being jealous, the 9-euro ticked expires by the end of August.

And no, I dont have any audience. For the others, the wonderfull shiny world of apple and google is more interessting :)

@brandkopf So many people wasting an opportunity to watch art come to life!

@brandkopf what were you thoughts about the 9 euro ticket experiment ?
(honestly, it sounds very appealing)

@Ladee In my opinion it is absolutely worth it and they should continiue it.

However, the government should also spend the same amount of money in the infrastructure.

I'm afraid that this will not happen, since the Germans are so addicted to cars..

They rather buy a E-Car, than going by a vehicle which is already "autonoumous driving" and powered by electricity since decades ... aka Train. 🚟

@brandkopf @Ladee The car industry is addicted to tax money and everytime someone comes near their free money, they start shouting stuff about jobs.
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