Here another time-lapse from my streams on this week.
I hope you like my bottled town and see you all in the next

🔥 🎨

@brandkopf This is really lovely— such a unique concept! Your technique is really great, too! Are you using acrylics for painting?

@brandkopf Oh , yes! that makes sense — i haven't really used that but it's quite lovely

@brandkopf Awesome! Would you open a channel on too? It works on the LBRY platform, a decentralized one which was created by the same guy who created peertube

@coolansplanet Thanks for the hint, I never heard of this platform before.. I will check it out.

@brandkopf you're welcome! That platform is super great, and it has plenty of users right now

@brandkopf Your art really bowls me over sometimes! I am always so impressed how you don't just create a thing: you create its aesthetic, its surroundings and the context it exists in, there are often many levels to enjoy. This is a #MastoPrompt just begging to be written about.

@urgelle great.. now you broke my mastdon client... I guess it was not expecting 3 digit numbers xDD

@brandkopf You've got a github issue in your hands. Good luck.


I love this. It looks like something Watson would have given to Holmes for Christmas.

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