@brandkopf Please say that there is a comic, or at least, a sketchbook project underway!

@aaribaud uhm, yes. I plan to do a comic. But here I'm in the very early stages. I even struggle with the question wheter to use "white or gray paper" :D

@brandkopf I'm already happy at just the prospect of a potential comic :)

@aaribaud lul, I tried something like a comic page... but I'm really not satisfied.

I even had no clue which text to add. (Maybe you or the others know what she should think and say.)

Maybe I will try this more in future, but now I think I'm really not ready for this big challenge of comics :)

@brandkopf I guess a comic, like a written story (which I am more familiar with) needs a storyline and to me it's the hardest part. For instance, who's this girl? Who taught her the water trick? What is she looking to achieve? Where does this water portal lead? What happens next? What role does the cat play? Etc.

I do short stories, so I don't need to develop *much* in terms of story, and that's already a daunting task...

... Yet paradoxically, dialogues are not much of a a problem to me. :)

@brandkopf So I guess it comes down to having a story to tell before a write can turn it into a novel or an artist can turn it into a comic. :)

@aaribaud yes, you are absolutely right.

I guess my main struggle is, that I want to do the illustrations but I have no story to tell. Maybe Comics are not the right thing for me... yet.

@brandkopf Or maybe you can meet someone who can handle the story. Many a comic was created by a duo, with one scenarist and one artist.

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