I'm now a big fan of Diogenes, one of the first philosophers of Cynicism.

About 2500 years ago he already new what people nowadays need most.

Therefore I made a small little gouache painting of him.


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@brandkopf I name my devices after Ancient Greek philosophers and my smartphone is called 'Diogenes' 😉

@brandkopf Greek philosophy and some roman philosophy have great insights in general. What I like about them is they were living by their philosophy, not only speaking about it. And many philosophers had very different and even bizarre ideas.

My favorites are Epicurus and Epictetus.

What do we need most, though? Cynicism is either to be concerned only with yourself, or to believe that such selfishness is the driving force behind people's actions, is it not? If anything, I suspect we need less of that in modern society.

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