sorry for re-post... I'm just a noob user of polls ;)

Since I gradually switched from digital to traditonal over the last years without a specific intension, I would be interested how your situation is.
I would be glad to also read the reasons for you choise :)

@brandkopf Voted digital and will keep it, although I would have said "more digital than traditional" because I do traditional occasionally.

@brandkopf Right now I'm mostly digital, since that's more convenient for the game graphics I'm working on (for the same reasons why traditional animation is trickier than digital animation). But I generally find traditional art less exhausting, especially the sketching and lineart phase! I look forward to doing more traditional art again in a few months.

@brandkopf I noticed recently I started doing more digital. That's due to the fact my scanner suuuuuucks.
I want to do more traditional though. If not my usual "ink and colour pencil" routine, maybe my oil painting routine (or charcoal drawings of people digging, I used to do that a lot).

ok sound reasonable. So for traditional art a good scanner makes sense :).

But I like in traditional art that I dont need a printer and the colors and the "grip" is much more lively than a printer or screen can ever depict. Especially if it is compared to oil... seeing oil colors in real life its just mind blowing :D... but ok its maybe just about my taste.

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