@brandkopf I saw this beautiful painting in your video about your portable kit on peertube. I'd like to encourage you to make more videos there too if you have the time and energy :)

@sacredbirdman I will do my very best. Are you more interested in tools/equipment or the drawing/painting process?

@brandkopf I'd like to see both but maybe like 80% drawing/painting process and 20% tools/equipment. I enjoy watching how different people approach different problems and what techniques and tools they have chosen and how they work.. I'm a beginner so all that is fascinating to me :)

@sacredbirdman I can understand your situation. I desperately searched for good resources but youtube only gives information fragments and the literature is sometimes too specific... maybe I can do some "holistic" type of videos how I approach my former questions nowadays.

@brandkopf Sound like you really do understand :) That sounds like a wonderful approach. Looking forward to seeing them :)

@brandkopf Looks fantastic! Is there any way to support your art? In your webpage says to contact you... 😁
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