here my entry for the today's "portrait".

To be honest, I really improve in the fast copy skills. I also will add the video to in some minutes.

However, its suuuuuuper stressful.

That's funny because i, for one, find it really relaxing: no topic to make knots in my brain, only 5 minutes (really easy to manage in a day), and if it looks real crap, i can reject the fault on the lack of time (and ultimately on @Ayior , as they set the rules for the challenge; but i'll keep that last one for later on😜).

@CountZero @Ayior
hmn thats true.

However, my kind of current "workflow" requires a pre-sketch like a basic rig. Otherwise, I will mess up the proportions completely. I think in volumes and basic shapes. I am super bad in copying lines.

That doubles the work maybe unnecessarily. I will see how this develops on my site.

@brandkopf @CountZero Oh I do that too, even in the quick sketches and croquis. I'm just now starting to move away from that. Basically, I draw the "face cross" or armature for full body first, in like the first couple of seconds, then I grow the face (or body) shape around it, then add the features... still working from big to small. That's how you are supposed to do it :D I also wanted to make a video of my process soon if that would be interesting to you~

@Ayior @brandkopf
Always curious to see both of your workflow on videos.
I also try to think in big shapes and all but that's a whole training in itself. And i find it hard for just the face.

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