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ok, now its finished
I made "Believe" more alien look like.
-more saturation

And I tried to add a little bit translucency to her... but not sure if this can be seen πŸ€”

"Portrait of a princess"
Here the outcome of my last two streams on .

This was really a lot of fun to create and I hope you like it :D

do you know how its like to get goose bumps during stuff u love while listening to awesome music... just had it :star_eyes:

I have a question to all of you.

How do you like my new icon concept for my webpage?

I want to have some feedback before implementing it :)

Thank you very much in advance :)

Next Tutorial :D :bob_ross:

Problem: ⚠️
I roughly knew how glossy and reflective bodies are painted but most of the times I had no clue how the reflection look and I painted just some confusing reflection shapes.

IDEA: πŸ’‘
Since almost all bodies can be seen as a set of primitive shapes (box,sphere,...) I made some "Cheat-Sheets" for different angles.

You find all "Cheat-Sheets" (many more bodies and views) here:


I made a color-study just because I knew that the colors will be desaturated in the distance and the contrast is lower.
But I had no real clue how to implement this in my paintings properly.
So I made an example in with a light-blue ambient light and mist color.

I created a 3D Plot of the last picture. It is pretty simple how the colors are linearly shifted to the fog color and therefore the contrast is reduced.

Yay, my first finished oil painting

The deer has to be green, because I made this for my mum and she is a big fan of a certain theme of dishware. :D

Is there an art community to speak of here? Really looking to find one that's worthwhile :(

Medusa 🐍

Full-view please, because of vertical format.

Pencil and gray

Ah and I totally forgot the , so let this be my entry for the topic "FORGET" ;D

@brandkopf I'm part of the team! I love the krita+pencil stuff recently, especially, but I'm just discovereing the art community here and it's all so inspiring!

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