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No PERSPECTIVE at all :).

I worked today on my map for my privat project

I never thought that self made maps would be so hard.

#DailySketchChallenge FOOL 


wah, I messed this one up :(. The depth is not visible but this is the key here.
Maybe I start some rescue actions on this tomorrow.


uhm, it should be something beetween "Ghost in the Shell"-Killer-Geisha and the Puppet master from Naruto.... ok time is over now, better luck tomorrow :D


wahh, I thought about something super profound with Dionysus the "two times born"....

but instead, I made a quick and dirty metal zombie o.O

So I finished yesterday my next poster for my current private project "Black Ribbon"

"Attack on Bergin"

I hope you like it :)

starting my daily painting stream now on and

I'll finish my knight today and then I will later switch to the next topic: bubble houses

Enough creativity for today.

Now I do something useful and watch Xena :D

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