BORN TO BE BARD // I wanted a tote bag with my necro-bard in it and this is the design. I also made lil' visual thing to use for my dice bag. If for some reason you want them too, shop here ☠️

I'll also use this to start a thread dedicated for my DnD adventures and art! ✨

I know I posted this sheet in my first introduction post already, BUT here it is again because it showcases Dario's outfit and items pretty well.

I've fallen so deep into the endless pit that is DnD, send help.

Elena // A character part of my DnD char's backstory and a pretty big part of his curse as well.

I did a topless version as well to mostly better show off her tattoos, but I've decided to keep it as a Patreon exclusive. If that's your thing, you can access it through the "Darklings" tier

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