Round two of OC redesigns featuring major secondary characters. Their looks haven't changed as much but I did change the names around.

First round of OC redesigns, I'll post comparisons into how they've changed over the years and actual character sheets later.

As I am redesigning my OCs, here's a fun game for ya'll to play once I start posting them 😬

I've had a comic project in the works for a few years now and I figured it's time to start over.

The whole thing was plagued with issues because I half-assed the groundwork and didn't do any storyboarding or even a coherent script. My attitude was "I'll make it up as I go" and in two years time I've learned what a dumb idea that was.

I love my characters and universe too much to dump it all, so this time I'm going to focus in character and world building before anything else.

Exposed (and wet) male torso 

Sexually suggestive, no actual nudity. 

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Finished my bard sketch from earlier and there's a plot twist; his tattoo is connected to his not-at-all cursed weaponized instrument that gives him not only an urge to dissect dead bodies but also necromancy ☠️

He MIGHT seem mean but he really is a nice guy tho. He's just been a bit unlucky.

Did a quick portrait of my bard because he is totally turning into a comfort OC.

I tried some hasty lighting styles, something I haven't done much and want to learn to do properly.

Since I'm a little edgelord myself, Reaper and Sombra are my OTP both in-game and in all the filthy fan-fics OW fans conjure.

Although, it doesn't seem to be a particularly popular pairing which is why I have NO CHOICE but make my own, smh.

A birthday gift to my sister who is currently a recovering Red Dead Redemption 2 addict. I added in zombies because I wanted to spice it up with a bit because she's also a fan of Resident Evil ✨

My sister is having her 30th birthday and she's trying to recover from severe RDR2 addiction, I figured I'd make her a gift with a dash of RE to spice things up a bit.

The thing is tho, her birthday is TOMORROW and this is where I'm at right now, so, I'm in trouble 😬 Also, first digital piece of 2020!

So, here's 12 of my favorite pieces I did this past year, due to having unproductive and super-productive months, I didn't choose them based on when they were drawn.

Looking forward to next year and learning new things, learning from past mistakes and getting better.


Since I'm not able to keep my Patreon brimming with content, here's some NSFW pin-up rewards from last year featuring Rune from my comic.

I love pin-up art and there's a bit more of NSFW pieces in storage that I plan to post later, let's start 2020 with this and we'll see where we end up by the end of the year 😳

Okay so all this talk of the decade ending has me super nostalgic and it's been interesting to look back things. I wanted to redraw something from 2009, a year when I still hadn't drawn anything digitally, and I happened to have a drawing I redrew in 2016, so it's nice to examine the differences with all three.

I really HOPE you can tell apart which is which πŸ˜‚

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