While I am excited abot my cleric, I still need to give my dear bard some attention. Again. πŸ’β€β™€οΈ

Marked sensitive for suggestive lingerie and naked male body.

I managed to finish my brand new cleric's design! Meet Leone d'Ambrosio ✨ He is a really nice, trustworthy guy!

Also, a little teaser of a DnD character I'm working on for a different campaign 😈 Marked sensitive for naked male chest/body and tiny underwear.

Yoo, I'm not dead, just very, very tired. I also realized I didn't post this pic of Dario's winter attire that I did in December! πŸ˜‚

Yay, I'm not dead! October was a big, busy month for me so it's been a bit dry art-wise and I had to call it quits on the OC-tober because I needed some sleep as well.

Good news is that I'm finally getting back to drawing, here's a rough sketch from earlier toaday ~

OC-tober 2020: 15. The Heartbreaker

This is Elena, a lady who is a significant part of my bard's past. And in a sense, his present too.

OC-tober 2020 prompts from 9th to 12th. I guess this qualifies for the tag, I've been having a lot of fun doing experiments even who being slowly murdered by having too much to do this month ☠️

OC-tober 2020: 8. Forgotten OC

I forgot to post this on Thursday and then I was busy all weekend after that, so I'm now officially off the schedule and will do these when I can! ✨

OC-tober 2020: 7. As a DnD Character

I remade my alien sniper Sidus as a tiefling ranger, but I really wanted to try out a different type of lighting and I really should've just focused on the character instead πŸ™ˆ

OC-tober 2020: 6. Western Style

My girl Rune in a wild west get-up. You have yee'd your last haw. 🀠

OC-tober 2020: 3. Fallout New Vegas

This is Dusty, my first NV character with constant chem addiction and after getting shot by Benny he has perceived the great Wasteland in a... different way. I tried a sketchier/doodlier approach to see if it would be faster but I don't like how it ended up.

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