A new DnD character! His name is Alistair and he is a barbarian. He doesn't talk much and also may not be that smart.

A quick doodle of my bard’s drag character, Bette Royale. I was just gonna do this for laughs for our DnD group but then it kinda evolved into a part of Dario's backstory.

"Don't deny me... Embrace me." ✨ I am sorry but FF7R had me crying on my KNEES every time Sephiroth said something to Cloud.

Sexually suggestive, not excplicit. (BDSM) 

Just a lil' pervy Reaper for a change. Sometimes you need to indulge yourself 😏

I participated in a collaboration with hundreds of artist in the Araki Anew -project where the goal was to create illustrations based of Hirohiko Araki’s original sketches. // Araki Anew (2020)

See more about the collab in Twitter behind the tag!

Yet another OC redesign (+ rename) plus I created her a brother as well because additional drama is needed via sibling rivalry. Meet Naevia and Livius ✨

Final piece of my Pose fan art series! Damn it took me a long time to get this done, it always backfires when I try to do a "series" because I get bored of doing the same thing over and over again 🙈

That being said, Candy Ferocity / Angelica Ross completes the 4-part series of portraits I made from Pose.

Continuing my Pose fan art series with Mj Rodriguez / Blanca Evangelista ✨

Dominique Jackson / Elektra Abundance from the series Pose.

Celebrating the beauty and diversity of life in a tumultuous time such as this is very important, and this is my way of doing so. Diversity is a gift and it enriches us. Don't let it be destroyed.

Please, offer help to those who need it if you're able to.

AU where Giorno and Mista are grown up and still the best bros 👀 I really tried to make them look older and give a lil' bit of "Dioness" to Giorno.

Squeezing in one OC thingy before going back to JoJo because I'm still not done with my billion fan art ideas. ✨

After debating whether participating in the was pointless in my part since I truly I have nothing to add to it, but I did have fun making these so no regrets. I wonder if I should some JoJo redraws.. 😅

My Name is Yoshikage Kira // This served as an excellent hand drawing practice and also my first ever attempt at using below lighting or however you say that. 🤷

Sexually suggestive, not explicit. 

I mean, the concept is already served on a silver platter in the Kakyoin vs Jotaro fight, of course I was going to do this. 🤷

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