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Here is the current commissions chart! I'm OPEN for them currently and I'd love to draw your OCs πŸ‘€

Please send all of your inquiries and questions to ✨

Finallyyy making some new digital stuff! WIP of Lady Cosima, a character that's going to be present in a DnD one-shot I'm running this week's Thursday.

Not at all nervous or anything, it's my first time being a DM 😱

Yay, it's ! I'm not sure if I've posted these here yet, but I drew some drawings of spacehusband around Valentine's Day this year and I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.

I NEVER draw landscapes or anything without characters really, but I'm working on a DnD one-shot and I wanted to try out drawing the city where it takes place.

I was planning to color it after doing BW version but, uh, I kinda gave up because I had no idea what I was doing and I must manage my spare time very carefully, so here's a smudgy doodle of Brava. It's also Dario's hometown, btw.

A severed head :( 

A severed head :( 

Inktober - Day 31! - Witch

I did manage to draw this on time, but I've been mostly too lazy to take photo and edit it, but here is my final Inktober entry!

Inktober - Day 30! - OC as Game Character

In case you had any doubt whether Mass Effect was an inspiration for SOLIVAGA or not, this should drive the point home.

Read here I recently uploaded chapter 2 as a full episode!

Inktober - Day 28! - Guillermo Del Toro

As the final one of my heroes I want to pay homage to during inktober, is Del Toro.

The amphibian man was the obvious choice as the subject because not only is Shape of Water one of my favorite movies, it also was a film he wanted to make for a long time and the passion, attention to detail and dedication is apparent in the final product.

Inktober - Day 25! - Prey

Day 25: Prey

Friday's prompt coming in a little late again, mostly because I was actually playing Prey. I still didn't finish it because I'm scared, I die a lot and also the Nightmare is hunting me.

Inktober - Day 24! - Zombie

I forgot that I was supposed to make this into a self-portrait, but let's just pretend this is overly decayed version of myself rising from the bottom of my grave for one more cup of coffee.

Also a powerful Inktober mood.

Inktober - Day 23! - Setting Swap

Yes! OC day means I can draw Dario again without any excuses, this time he's imagined in a cyberpunk world.

Designing outfits is one of my favorite things to do and I'm afraid this will brew into an excuse to make a whole slew of new outfits for him.

I also photoshopped my tea to match with the drawing.

Inktober - Day 22! - Artificial

I gave myself prompts so I wouldn't just do OCs all October, but I snuck this one in because she's my songstress waifu I've been meaning to design, this being her first iteration. You can expect to hear more from her later.

Inktober - Day 21! - Bowie
I actually wanted to draw that famous black and white photo of him but it turned out garbage, so I had to rush out something quick and simple instead. *sigh*

Inktober - Day 18! - Bioshock

It took me a while to get around to doing this but here it is now! First one that isn't exactly character focused and would be interesting to revisit in digital format.

Inktober - Day 17! - Ghost

I really ran out of time with this one and just squeezed it out as soon as I could. Hopefully tomorrow's will be better!

Inktober - Day 16! - OC Genderbend (again)

I had a second genderbend prompt on my list, this time I made my beloved DnD bard into a lady, and low-key really want for our adventure to take us to an AU where Dario is Daria.

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