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Hiya! I'm Book (or Natalie if you'd rather) I'm a soon-to-be 21 year old art student!
I spend most of my time making my webcomic, Power Pills, but I love to draw in what little free time I have!

Maybe if I act like I hadn't planned on animating this people won't notice how no one seems to be reacting to someone just falling into their living room like this.

Well I certianly never expected one of these to be ENTIRELY dedicated to chicken emojis.

Special thanks to SuckeyChicken for ordering!!

My first full-on reference sheet commission! Huge thank you to SSampson250 for ordering!

Base for the top row by Pajuxi-Adopts on DA!!

Another batch of commissions!!

SOOOO.... this is only.... 3 months overdue. I'm AWFUL at remembering to post commissions asidhfa X,D

WAHOO!!! SAVE THE TREES!! DM me or email me at ( ) to order!
Sale ends December 31st!

WAAAAHHHH!!! I REALLY need to post my backlog of owed art I've finished.
SO! We're starting with the most recent! A custom for GGDrawsStuff!!

WHEW! These are only... a little...
... a lot overdue.
BUT! I got them DONE that's what counts!

HEK YEAH! College has been repeatedly punching me in the GUT but I REALLY wanted to draw my newest dainty baby (Stella)!

I had fun with this! It was nice to actually create art for MYSELF for once (it's been weeks... ;U; )

TFW you used to have really cutesy wootsy stockings and all of a sudden they look like they got dip-dyed at a Hot Topic.

I actually researched 50's advertisements to make this piece I-

STILL TRYING TO KEEP THIS ACTIVEE!! Here! Have my icon on every website that allows gif icons!

Ugh. I've been to busy to make new art but I want to keep posting on here.
So uh, here. Take a slightly older piece of art, my character designs through the years! Completely out of order though.

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