I love what I've created this year!! 🤗🤗 (Those are hugs for me, from myself 💞) I enjoyed drawing so many fun and colorful things, and I had so much to choose from to put together this summary for this year!! 🎉

This doesn't even include my sewing or game work~!! I really was just constantly creating this year. 🤗💖🌻

I added you to my follow list!

As an artist myself, too and somehow a game developer (only for me and my friends)..
I love all sort of cute stuff aswell fantasy stuff.

When I saw.. Yours, I was likely saying to me..

"What a cute arts we have here.
This colorful pattern for dialog bubble is like candies, tasteful."

Thanks for the magically artworks before the Christmas day.

Thoses would also please to some of my friends.

Have happy holidays!

@atakris Thank you for this wonderfully kind and positive message!! 🤗🤗 All of this is so encouraging; thank you for sending such a positive thing my way~ 🎀
I hope to keep creating games that are sweet as candy! 🍭

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