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This is a rarity - I painted a few little doodly things with WATERCOLOR!! 🎨 You can see them in my post for today: 🖌️🎨

Nana is a comforting character I have had in my mind for some years now. 🤗 She runs a daycare and reads stories to children. ☁️

🎀 Available on t-shirts, stickers, stationery, and all kinds of other nice things on Redbubble:
🌸 If you are able and happy to do so, do support me on Patreon so I can keep creating: 🤗

I love what I've created this year!! 🤗🤗 (Those are hugs for me, from myself 💞) I enjoyed drawing so many fun and colorful things, and I had so much to choose from to put together this summary for this year!! 🎉

This doesn't even include my sewing or game work~!! I really was just constantly creating this year. 🤗💖🌻

Some more complex dialog features are being shown off in this screenshot, including the barebones of item gifting! 🎁
Today's free post describes all of the different dialog parts of this in greater detail: 🍎

The most recent update post ( ) details randomized dialog, so that characters can say more than 1 line about the weather when you talk to them lol. 🏞

My latest drawing process video is for this super cute and pastel Num Noms toy: 🍰
This design is available on lots of cute stuff on Redbubble!: 🎀

Support me on Patreon so I can keep creating: 🤗

Have you ever played a game where the shooting or explosion sounds layer on top of one another and get CRAZY loud? 😳
The short little video in today's free post ( shows how I worked around that problem for ~

I a dozen of these little bonbons! I created each color combination deliberately so each one was different, and so each one brings to mind a particular flavor~

Which one is your favorite, and what do you think it would taste like? 🤗

Over at today's free & public update post ( ), there is a video to watch, which shows some of the music and sound effects that have been implemented in ! 🎶

I think Golden Sky Stories - a tabletop RPG about magical animal spirits that help people - needs a penguin character! 🐧 SO, I MADE ONE!! ❄️
All the Powers and Weaknesses are here, on pages that resemble the official book: 🐧❄️

Ivan is my favorite character from ! 🔮
This is available on stickers, art prints, t-shirts, and many other cool things on Redbubble:

Two sketchbook WIPs posted today, for anyone that wants to check them out and see what I am drawing at the moment~ 💠

The doll I've been working on is finished, and this post showing off all of her details is free for everyone!:

Look who has a full head of fluffy hair now! 🌸💇🌸
Today's post details the two different types of yarn used, and the process of attaching it to the doll:

The art doll I'm making is looking significantly more substantial~ Here is the post with more details on the process:

This dolly has a sweet pink smile and lavender eyes~ See the rest of the details of this sewing project in today's post:

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