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Do you know of the superstition where, if you say "white rabbit white rabbit" first thing in the beginning of a new month, you will have good luck that month? I made my first painting of the new year a white rabbit, for extra good luck! 🐇✨
🌟 Prints:

All stickers on Redbubble have free shipping today (November 24)!! The small-sized ones are only a few bucks, so this is a cool way to pick up artist's work for cheap!
My sticker shop:

💸$10💸 USD Giveaway - Weekend of Nov 1-3, 2019 -

🌻 To enter and read all of the details (such as how to increase the prize amount and when the next giveaway will be held), please visit this post!: 🌻

I don’t expect many entries, so odds of winning are pretty good!

🌷 Please especially share this giveaway with anyone that needs emergency funds. 🌷

Gemma and the Hero look over the view granted to them by scaling the Cobblestone Tor during the introduction of Dragon Quest XI, my latest impressionist-style painting of video game scenes~ 🎨🏞️
Prints and merch: 🌟

Breath of Fire is among the SNES games available to all players who have Switch Online and I just hope that many people play and enjoy this game!! It’s about a scruffy dragon boy and cute angel princess go check it out!!!

This World 1-1 painting is now available at my shop in many merchandise forms - Canvas prints and posters, as well as wearable art such as skater skirts, leggings (which I think look SUPER cool!), and t-shirts~!: 🍄

Also shop on Redbubble for some different products, such as mugs or stickers, too!: 🍄

Detective Pikachu is sooooo cute; if anyone is on the fence about seeing it or not, it has my endorsement!
I listed t-shirts with this design in my shop! It's available both with and without text~

I have lots of ideas for more video game screenshot-based impressionist paintings like this~
Art prints & posters, t-shirts, stickers, and other cool stuff available here!:

I tried out my recent impressionist painting art style referencing a video game screenshot and I love it but I also want to lie down for the entire rest of the day.
Looks super cool as a poster, though!:

Would you like to see the sketches for a piece I will be painting with watercolors? 🤗
My progress for today is in this post: 🎨

My art is now available in more marketplaces! 🍃
The easiest way to link to each shop is to just point you toward this post, where they are all listed: 🏪

I revisited the cat + flower photo method that I tried in the previous piece.
This is closer to what I was going for the first time, so I'm glad I tried again!
🌺 Delicious Redbubble goodies: 🌺

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