I drew this comic a while back, and with the start of another pride month with another slew of terrifying things going on, here is my comic about Feeling Safe and lashing out against the phrase "you don't have to make your sexuality your whole personality"

CW for describing a memory of people being transphobic, but I think it's worth not blurring the entire comic for it

transcription is in the description text. I'm still not practiced in describing comics though :artsweats:

@bobthedragon this is so awesome and totally nails the whole red herring of respectability politics 🥺

@waltherp28 god yeah. "respectability politics" was a phrase I didn't think of, but that's a lot of what this is about.

if I have the privilege of safety, I don't want anyone to have to tune their gaydar to me. I want to blast it through the roof so maybe even the straights will feel it too :heart_sp_pride:

@bobthedragon i always feel happier seeing Obviously Queer people in my day to day, even though i'm not comfortable doing so myself. thanks for being visible for us. :heart_sp_pride:

@bobthedragon professors...? 0_o

Well, there was this one homophobic "professor" of politics in Poland too... 🙄

@bobthedragon this is so good… thanks for making this. Now I feel even more determined to not let them scare me into conformity ever again

@bobthedragon This right here.

It's a gift and a privilege that I don't often feel physically intimidated. I use that to be as obnoxious and "proud" as I feel like being at any moment. I do that specifically to draw aggro like that. I will make it clear that it is safe to be around me. Because when I was a kid, I never had that. It took me a long time to get where I am and that's what I can do to give back to the people who helped me get here.

@bobthedragon I never really thought about how being more open can make the right people feel safer around you but your right, I often was like that couple in the comics too, being afraid to show affection to my partner in public.

@bobthedragon this expresses this so well and is helping me find the words for the confusion that 'passing as straight' gives me

@bobthedragon Beautiful. Really, I got chills with "they felt SAFE".

(I wish #Mastodon wouldn't make images like yours impossible to read for the 50+ without <right-click> Open Image in New Tab.)

@sigue aaaaa oh my god you're right. I guess next time I do something like this, I can try to attach a transcription file instead. I hate how complicated it is to just do legibility transcriptions on social media things ;;;;

@bobthedragon so today my gym t-shirt had the bi flag colours for the first time, because of your comic

@derwinmcgeary !!!! I'm so flattered and glad!! while I was teaching, I brought in a few flags and it was really heartwarming to see how many kids became more comfortable just because they could see the colors at my desk

@bobthedragon So much this! I'm trying to be more visible about being QUEER and ALIVE just in spite of all the things going on..

I've noticed that I personally feel safer when I recognize other LGBT+ folks around me. I want to pass that feeling on.

All that said, it's not easy at times and I don't always feel "safe". But I'm seen and heard.

@WildSolcte my american history teacher once told me about how it was growing up gay in the 70's and how the word "gay" used to be a little secret term actually, at the time. a way of signaling others that you were safe to be near without outing yourself directly, and I think about that constantly in terms of how to be safe and also communicate safety to others

@bobthedragon That's really interesting! I can definitely imagine that being a coded language at the time to communicate that way.

It's tough drawing that line between being "safe", but also visible and heard. I feel like now more than ever, it's important that we be seen. But it also feels increasingly dangerous nowadays and that worries me..

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