follow me for monster designs and get Bad OC's instead :( whoops poops

Kid, who is a sword, drawing his sword which is him out of himself.

I uhhhh. hmm. anyway there's armpit hair.

bc people liked Kid playing minecraft it is now time to witness Kid being too intense and manic to be allowed to play with other people's OC's

blurred for eyecontact and eyeball touching

I've been tinkering with making a little IK fox rig in gamemaker lately! She's finally starting to look like an actual living thing, so here's my WIP!

I keep going to explain this piece but then I feel pretentious and obnoxious and then I realize that's a better summary than I could write anyway 9w6;;

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drawn bodyhorror / symbolic gore 

Skin Deep Introspection

When we met in '97, we spent 10 weeks riding the western US in an epic adventure while falling in love. After this kiss in a restaurant in Fort Collins, Colorado - the people at the next table glared and muttered, then abandoned their meals and walked out. A week later, were threatened at gun point in Idaho.

Everyone deserves respect in loving their chosen partner. Everyone deserves to be comfortable in their own skin. Everyone deserves autonomy over their own body.


transcription is in the description text. I'm still not practiced in describing comics though :artsweats:

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I drew this comic a while back, and with the start of another pride month with another slew of terrifying things going on, here is my comic about Feeling Safe and lashing out against the phrase "you don't have to make your sexuality your whole personality"

CW for describing a memory of people being transphobic, but I think it's worth not blurring the entire comic for it

Extremely Cool pride promo of Vitamins and Electrolytes from me to you

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also if you order a sticker off my etsy, if you happen to want a Free packet of Emergen-C vitamin C instant beverage as a joke or w/e, feel free to say it in the notes and I will throw that haphazardly into the envelope for your enjoyment ✨ uwu b ✨

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more fish! now with effects and also more tail randomization.

saving and loading also work In Theory, now, but I'm ripping that code all up to make it easier to update 9w6;;

spooky body horror dolphin 

@bobthedragon ok so first off this art is BEAUTIFUL and also, the way that sentence escalated coolness was incredible

spooky body horror dolphin 

a spooky river dolphin from my post apocalyptic world where dolphins are ghosts, humans are all dead, and dogs are all lesbians

since I haven't formally introduced our darling baby son cat, this is Dexter! he is Massive and full of zest and acts and also looks like a deli ham.

It's been a bit since I've shown my fish and they've developed a lot since then, so here's progress!

I'm still working on setting up saving/loading, but now (most important!!) you can feed the fish!!

a moth monster! I'm really struggling to think today and here is a thing!

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