@raekitano Omg thanks dude! I hope it looks good when it gets to you! And I'm still sorry about the ads following you around even if they're not the worst ads, haha ^_^;

Newly discovered downside to RedBubble: my readers look at my shop, and then ads for my products follow them everywhere. :( I mean, they say they don't mind because it's better than irrelevant/offensive ads - and I know other POD sites like s6 and inprnt do it too - but I still feel really bad about it. And it'd probably annoy people who only meant to take a casual peek.

Also, after many weeks of fiddling, I officially opened my RedBubble shop today! :D :D :D


I ordered some sample products to check for quality and I love everything, haha. I'll be doing giveaways elsewhere for some of them, but yeah, I'm keeping a few. ^_^;

My favorites are the products with Annie the ! And the Yackley's bar sign too (which is the top seller so far).

mastodon.art/media/uhg54nuwA6x mastodon.art/media/JMIbCVjSX79

@duchessofbeefcake Oh, THAT's the other half of the butter story. Frickin mastodon, loading one less toot than I needed. XD

@LoMakesComics It's very important to me, but it depends on the site itself too. I'd never use Tapas if it didn't let me schedule updates because it's my lower performing mirror, and it wouldn't be worth my time to organize my day around a tapas update in order to post at the optimal time. I can tolerate the lack of scheduling with Webtoon though, because Webtoon incentivizes less frequent updates and pays much better (for me, anyway). And they allow you to save drafts, so posting only takes a second.

On my home site and Patreon, scheduling ability is crucial, because that's the core of my comic's presence.

For what it's worth, I depend on my comic for a chunk of my income, so I might be a little more intense and money-focused in my preferences. ^_^;

@duchessofbeefcake I sense there's a story behind this, but I'm kind of terrified to know what it is..... ^_^

@DearMsDear Wow, that's gorgeous! I can't think of many better lunch spot possibilities than that!

Every year (or well, two years in a row now), I take a few days in Chicago for a vacation/ inspiration trip. Demon of the Underground takes place in a fictitious underground area below Chicago, and I try to incorporate the feeling of Chicago architecture in little bits throughout.

If I had to pick my absolute favorite most inspiring parts of for DOTU, it would be Lower Wacker Drive and Tribune Tower! I'm also obsessed with fire escapes and exposed pipes.

This time around, I got some good photos from the top of the Sears Tower! :D

Here are a few of my Chicago-esque landscapes, and a few of my photos from this trip! (sorry bout the glare)

mastodon.art/media/vWPSRVVYUw9 mastodon.art/media/iPsiKi49wpx mastodon.art/media/r6IASjEK-yI mastodon.art/media/EOA4Ck1ZbVW

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My and main character from my : Rikka (written with the Kanji 6 and flower)

Rikka accompanies me for around 7 years now. It started with a short story about a woman who grew up in a small village and learned the way of the sword only to loose her best friend in the first battle.

She's a battleborn warrior with ice-blue eyes and often really grumpy. She dosn't talk much and instead takes action fast - way too quick often times. Besides all the fighting and war business she enjoys fishing a lot.

Hopefully I get to tell her story ^^°

mastodon.art/media/R6s9T2bw939 mastodon.art/media/GkaDSP8GbN3 mastodon.art/media/NOe74fqeQUb mastodon.art/media/CsfLO8ICK8b

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tag? Pogo is the lead character of my webcomic, and pretty much the reason I even have a webcomic. ^_^ He's in the bi / pan spectrum, an incessant flirt, possibly half demon, and has a very... interesting telekinetic ability. Oh, and he has a ferret!

The thumbnails would probably look nicer if I posted pinup art of him, but his personality is what really makes him, so have some page snippets:

mastodon.art/media/t6d29YX76xm mastodon.art/media/X3ZO8EGII1N mastodon.art/media/CIgzBn4CdM0 mastodon.art/media/fDKVZkAX8Fa

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Did someone say #OC tag? Here's my trash boy in every rendition possible. Because drawing him in the same style gets boring 4 chapters into the comic. #mastoart

@cassolotl @dodosan @bea THANK YOU for your answers! This is a lifesaver! :D

Are you able to mute words on Mastodon, or only entire users? I thought you could, but maybe I'm remembering wrong...

link clickthru is nsfw (suggestive) 

@ashworks Well, there was this one that I mocked up as a joke but then got at least five people saying they legit wanted to buy it, so I ended up doing it ^_^; -


And then I also plan to do some leggings and a miniskirt with Troy's portrait tiled all over them, maybe a duvet cover too... because I'm horrible to my readers. ^_^;

@ashworks :high fives: Though I have decided that I need to make at least one joke product for every 10 serious products I put up or else I'll lose my mind. ^_^

I'm preparing my RedBubble shop right now, and I'm trying really really hard to fight that impulse inside me that says "this piece of art physically fits on this product form; therefore I must let it become a product."

On the other hand, I do think it's kind of hilarious to see Merritt's giant face on a throw pillow....

And my last job as a kitschy product developer has really skewed my judgment of what is and is not a good product, haha.

@duchessofbeefcake @varethane Yeah, I think .art was overloaded yesterday, so there seemed to be a delay in some things going through

@Cryoclaire Yeah, I'm having mastodon issues right now, but they're more a matter of glitchy/technical/server overload issues than a dislike of the site itself. Just hoping it settles down over time!

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