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Newly discovered downside to RedBubble: my readers look at my shop, and then ads for my products follow them everywhere. :( I mean, they say they don't mind because it's better than irrelevant/offensive ads - and I know other POD sites like s6 and inprnt do it too - but I still feel really bad about it. And it'd probably annoy people who only meant to take a casual peek.

Also, after many weeks of fiddling, I officially opened my RedBubble shop today! :D :D :D

I ordered some sample products to check for quality and I love everything, haha. I'll be doing giveaways elsewhere for some of them, but yeah, I'm keeping a few. ^_^;

My favorites are the products with Annie the ! And the Yackley's bar sign too (which is the top seller so far).

Every year (or well, two years in a row now), I take a few days in Chicago for a vacation/ inspiration trip. Demon of the Underground takes place in a fictitious underground area below Chicago, and I try to incorporate the feeling of Chicago architecture in little bits throughout.

If I had to pick my absolute favorite most inspiring parts of for DOTU, it would be Lower Wacker Drive and Tribune Tower! I'm also obsessed with fire escapes and exposed pipes.

This time around, I got some good photos from the top of the Sears Tower! :D

Here are a few of my Chicago-esque landscapes, and a few of my photos from this trip! (sorry bout the glare)

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My and main character from my : Rikka (written with the Kanji 6 and flower)

Rikka accompanies me for around 7 years now. It started with a short story about a woman who grew up in a small village and learned the way of the sword only to loose her best friend in the first battle.

She's a battleborn warrior with ice-blue eyes and often really grumpy. She dosn't talk much and instead takes action fast - way too quick often times. Besides all the fighting and war business she enjoys fishing a lot.

Hopefully I get to tell her story ^^°

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tag? Pogo is the lead character of my webcomic, and pretty much the reason I even have a webcomic. ^_^ He's in the bi / pan spectrum, an incessant flirt, possibly half demon, and has a very... interesting telekinetic ability. Oh, and he has a ferret!

The thumbnails would probably look nicer if I posted pinup art of him, but his personality is what really makes him, so have some page snippets:

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Did someone say #OC tag? Here's my trash boy in every rendition possible. Because drawing him in the same style gets boring 4 chapters into the comic. #mastoart

Are you able to mute words on Mastodon, or only entire users? I thought you could, but maybe I'm remembering wrong...

I'm preparing my RedBubble shop right now, and I'm trying really really hard to fight that impulse inside me that says "this piece of art physically fits on this product form; therefore I must let it become a product."

On the other hand, I do think it's kind of hilarious to see Merritt's giant face on a throw pillow....

And my last job as a kitschy product developer has really skewed my judgment of what is and is not a good product, haha.

Okay, so I already had an unused .social account, but I'm giving it a test run since following/being followed across instances is being glitchy and most of the people I know are on .social anyway.

I'm going to keep this one here on .art for art only. .social will be art, my pets, and other random crap. Gonna see which account works out better! I already imported my following list, so we'll see how that goes. ^_^

Here I am on .social:

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Hi everyone! My name is Priya (she/her) and I'm a comic artist from the US. I draw a comic called Mana which you can read here:

🌌 website:
🌌 instagram:
🌌 patreon:

Nice to meet you!

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Hey all, here's my official intro post. I'm a comic artist, graduate of the Center for Cartoon Studies, fan of retro design/comics/games/etc.

My main projects are City of Cards, a retro-future exploration of the capitalist hellscape we all currently live in, filled with the hopes of the people that inhabit that world and the love that keeps them going despite all odds against them.

Parallel Lines: Joint project with The Gorgonist, a story about queer young adults in the early 2000s, ghosts, and arcade cabinets.

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Hello! My name is Torri, and I'm a Black Illustrator, I'm also a Cleanup Artist for Studio Yotta. I dabble in character design, comics, and animation. I work full time as an accountant right now! I also do art for Youtubers, most notably CowChop and UberHaxorNova :yoitsburdhere:
I like coloring and painting, I also like to talk and help out with art!

Here's my portfolio:

Apparently I was logged into without realizing it (I don't use that account yet), so I accidentally followed back a few people from there instead of here. I think I got it all fixed now? Anyway, I am a Mastodunce. ;_;

I'm revamping the card deck for my Demon of the Underground. Some shots of the inks here! Belmont, Balbo, and pre-scarred Jordana.

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