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πŸ’–COMMISSION ME!πŸ’– I can also do stuff that didn't slot nicely onto this sheet such as chibis, icons, pixel art, game assets, character sheets, album/book covers, literally I can probably do whatever and provide some examples. I'm pretty flexible with styles and aesthetics, too. Ask me if you're curious!

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Shall I make an intro thread? Maybe add to it as I finish more art for certain characters lol...

This is Giovanni, one of the two protagonists of my WW2 comic Gallico which you can find here:


He is an Italian psychiatrist, but currently works as a β€œconsultant” for military groups who pay for his services. ISTJ. Secretly a hopeless romantic. Also an incorrigible bastard.

the power of classic pokemon designs


I had to get at least one halloween themed model done this month, so here's a spooky Ivysaur based on some art by Vincenzo Nova! (Link in the replies!)


This webcomic is amazing: 😯

Got lesbian romance, sci-fi, adventure, drama, fantastic worldbuilding and the colors BLOODY HELL the beautiful use of colors

I took a (crappy) video when drawing earlier, thought you'd like to see it

And here's Matthew! He's much shorter than Giovanni so there's this weird empty space at the top lmao but Oh Well

Experimenting with line colors lately. Do you like this or the ko-fi version better? I think I like the colored lines one more.

actual footage of the moment following Giovanni's complaint that this haunted house attraction is boring and a waste of money

Anyone have astrological charts for their OC's? I think I know all of mine's sun signs, but I haven't sussed out everyone's moon or rising...
Matthew is a gemini sun/cancer moon/taurus rising, and Giovanni is a scorpio sun/scorpio moon/capricorn rising. This isn't based on their actual birth date and time necessarily lol but how they feel to me

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