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πŸ’–COMMISSION ME!πŸ’– I can also do stuff that didn't slot nicely onto this sheet such as chibis, icons, pixel art, game assets, character sheets, album/book covers, literally I can probably do whatever and provide some examples. I'm pretty flexible with styles and aesthetics, too. Ask me if you're curious!

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Shall I make an intro thread? Maybe add to it as I finish more art for certain characters lol...

This is Giovanni, one of the two protagonists of my WW2 comic Gallico which you can find here:


He is an Italian psychiatrist, but currently works as a β€œconsultant” for military groups who pay for his services. ISTJ. Secretly a hopeless romantic. Also an incorrigible bastard.

well, let's start!
my name is Alena, i'm 20 y.o. student-architect from Russia

my big inspiration for works is music so i try to work with my track's ideas and associations

hope you like it and it will be a nice platform to show my works

my eng can be bad so i'm sorry for that!

thank you! <3

I managed to get the perspective completely wrong. ^^'
But whatever...

Happy weekend ^^

Here's a WIP of an illustration of my webcomic characters... Darla just wants you to eat something, man!

On this week's page of Bicycle Boy, promises. And soap I didn't want to draw. X)
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It's not fire, it's capitalism: 5 things we can do for the Amazon 

Masking fluid tips πŸ–ŒοΈ
- Use nibs! They make fine lines and are easy to clean
- Ruling pens work well too, I have one that goes with my compass and it makes neat circles easily
- Remove it by rubbing the paper with a ball of dried fluid
- Brushes can be cleaned with white spirit! Don't use your fave ones though ^^

And if you want to know how I make my space spells, I have a post on Patreon: ✨

lol.. Ibdidnt realize how similar thisbpsoe was to my last artwork KDAKFJSJKA

I'd like to take a moment of your timeline to ask folks to use CamelCase in your tags. I didn't know until I came to masto that this helps people who use screen readers parse them as words rather than jumbles of characters. When there are multiple words mashed together in a tag, try capitalising each one, for instance #CommissionMe #CallForArt #LookingForArtist

you can go to an online screen reader site like this one to check out the difference it makes: #accessibility

Since these are floating around mastodon now, here's a "my ship in 5 minutes" I did a while ago! Matthew and Giovanni are my OCs, they belong to my comic Gallico. πŸ‘‡

Commissions post, more examples with CW for body horror, gore, blood etc. 

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