#13: the boys are up to something.

RIP Aron Eisenberg, you did a good job.

#12: these collaborative drawings from the book fair will be the best things I make today.

#11: livedrawing today's ep of GBBO and I can't remember anyone's names on this season

#07: uh oh it's time to go through the Defunctland archives again

#04: I'm a decade late to Jenna Marbles but now I'm watching her make a chair out of jeans

#03: still thinking about MJ Rodriguez's look in that Little Shop number.

I'm super busy this month, so I'm going to attempt Inktober with the theme of "stuff I'm watching in the background as I work."
#01: Claire from Bon Appétit making a Hot Pocket.

I'm returning to Cartoon Crossroads Columbus (CXC) in Columbus, OH this weekend, 9/28-9/29, where I'll be selling volumes 1 and 2 of O Human Star as well as Meal as well as some minicomics. Find me at the Columbus Metropolitan Library at table 35! See you there!

I’ve got a story in the latest entry to the Smut Peddler collection, Smut Peddler: Silver, kickstarting now! You’ve had a long journey and you deserve a break. 😘 kickstarter.com/projects/irons

And that is Chapter 7 of O Human Star complete. I’m taking a few week’s hiatus and I will start posting the final chapter in October.
Read from the beginning here.

This year you can find me at Small Press Expo at table W71B! I’ll have O Human Star, Meal, and the new edition of the Lambda-winning Miles & Honesty in SCFSX! See you this weekend (September 14-15) in Bethesda, MD at the Bethesda North Marriott Hotel and Convention Center!

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