December’s Patreon sketchbook is now available for $5+ backers! Check it out for a collection of my latest illustrations and a few sneak peeks!

On today’s page of O Human Star, recreate the universal holiday experience of being a queer in another person’s kitchen having a difficult conversation.
Read from the beginning here:

November’s Patreon sketchbook is ready for $5+ patrons to access! Check it out to see works-in-progress for a handful of fun projects I have scheduled next month!

I've collected the rest of my Inktobers into my latest Patreon sketchbook for $5+ backers!

MICE is upon us once again in Cambridge, MA. Find me at table H95 this weekend, 10/20-10/21 at Lesley's University Hall, and I'll be on a panel Saturday evening in the amphitheater ("Mainstream Genres in Indie Comics, 5 pm)! It's gonna be Meal's debut show! You can also find Kiku Hughes, my collaborator on the Drift / Apart zine, at table A24, so be sure to check out her stuff, too!

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