I’m returning to Emerald City Comicon (ECCC) in Seattle from March 14 to March 17. You can stop by Artist Alley table KK-20 and pick up Meal, both volumes of O Human Star, and a variety of minicomics!Additionally, you can attend on the “Spotlight on Iron Circus Comics” panel on March 14 at 5:30 pm and drop by the Outsider Comics booth (HOME 301) on March 15 at 2 pm. See you then!

December’s Patreon sketchbook is now available for $5+ backers! Check it out for a collection of my latest illustrations and a few sneak peeks! patreon.com/posts/23617403

On today’s page of O Human Star, recreate the universal holiday experience of being a queer in another person’s kitchen having a difficult conversation. ohumanstar.com/comic/chapter-7
Read from the beginning here: ohumanstar.com/comic/chapter-1

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