Oh no! Just learned that one of my favourites, the jazz guitarist Christof Oeding, passed away a year ago. I wanted to check if he had released anything new, but found this.

Two more photos. The first is a tree a beaver has gnawed on. I've got beavers practically on my doorstep.

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When I went down to the laundry room, the sun shone through the window slits of the entrance, painting streaks of light on the floor. I went back to fetch my camera. I haven't seen the sun for weeks.

View from my balcony. The autumn morning light finds its way between the buildings and lands on the trees by Tvärån ("Crosswise Creek") that floods after last week's downpour.

They're building a bridge across the Ume River just where I live. That's a good thing. Will shorten my kids way to school with at least 1½ km.

It's not easy to photograph my son because he always makes funny faces or turns his back on the camera, but this time I caught him making trouble: bathing in the pool fully dressed.

Just wish I had had my real camera and not just my phone...

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