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, self-taught . , mainly . Got a soft spot for Philip Glass-style and odd meters. I have never learned recording or music production, I only write scores. Nowadays I publish them on :

I wish I had a trio to play with.

Fists of Fury

I use hands
To help my fellow man
I use hands
To do just what I can
And when I face with unjust injury
Then I change my hands
To fists of fury

Our time as victims is over
We will no longer ask for justice
Instead we will take our retribution

- Kamasi Washington

I'm looking for an app that can slow down music and allow me to set loops and stuff in order to listen closely when transcribing music.

Any suggestions?

Can I connect a #VT100 to a #RaspberryPi somehow? Maybe through some USB to RS232 adapter?

I have always wanted a dumb text terminal in my home. If only I could find a true vintage #VT102!


My father has troubles with his Macbook. Previously, I have used Chrome Remote Desktop to help him, but it doesn't work anymore.

Are there any other ways of remotely controlling a MacBook behind NAT, without the user doing anything more advanced than clicking something in a single window?

My father is totally illiterate when it comes to computers...

#MacBook #MacOS #RemoteControl #helpwanted

I want to set up a PHP development and test rig. I use Ubuntu 18.04 and Apache 2. The problem i end up with is that www-data must own all the files, but I can't run git and Sublime Text as www-data.

How to solve this? Run Apache 2 as myself?

#helpwanted #linuxquestions #ubuntu #linux #apache #php

I need help!

I have to restore the internal bank of my Roland D-50. I have a copy of the bank in , but it was years since I used it. It doesn't seem to be able to communicate with my USB-MIDI adapter.

I don't have a proper MIDI monitor, so I can't really see what's happening. And jSynthLib, written in Java, doesn't seem to support JACK very well.

Is there any other way of restoring the bank with MIDI on ?

What software would you use for working with on ?

I mostly arrange music using , but sometimes I would like to make somewhat more sophisticated productions, use something else than a PCM synth and record MIDI tracks.

? ? Something else?

The most important things are hardest to say, because words diminish them.

A few years ago, I made this short instrumental as an experiment. Found it on my old computer. The drum is a hand hitting my belly bottom. Kinda fun what you can turn samples into..

I ordered a #RaspberryPi 4 yesterday.

I'm going self-hosting.

Any suggestions on what #SSD and #USB 3.0 adapter to buy?

How to backup or export your #Signal conversations on an #iPhone with #iOS 10? First upgrading to iOS 13 is not an option.

Those of you who are on #ADD meds, how would you say that the meds affect your mood?

Lyle Mays has passed away!

The magic of Metheny and Mays has come to an end.

Through pain comes great art! Started this during my migraine auras, and finished it just now after the migraine nap. I am crazy happy with how it turned out. Ink on paper, 2 hours. Camera blew the colour a bit, so will take a better picture in diffused light on the morrow!

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