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, self-taught . , mainly . Got a soft spot for Philip Glass-style and odd meters. I have never learned recording or music production, I only write scores. Nowadays I publish them on :

I wish I had a trio to play with.

Welcome, Sorrow.

I have avoided you
for too long.

Walk with me for a while.

So that one day
I may follow you
instead of you
following me.


I like my newest composition. It's playing on repeat in my head. In 7/8 of course.

Looking for for photos, that is, converting the coordinates into suitable .

Any suggestions?

Drag and drop just stopped working in .

Why are you doing this to me?

Photo request : people at work 

I'm looking for a background #photo for my business home page. I mainly do work psychology. I want to illustrate people doing things at work while obviously communicating, like the beautiful photo below by @Linuxtjej.

If you have photos that you think would suit my needs and are willing to share, please do! As I haven't started up my business yet, I cannot afford to buy stock photos, but you will of course be credited.

#Photography #AskMastodon

#Umeå, bron mellan Teg och Bölesholmarna.

Taget med #Fairphone #FP3, Google Pixels kamera-app, efterbearbetning i #DigiKam.

To all the fans out there, I'm going to come out as the one that regard his 1980 "See you later" his best.

Bose 700 or Sony WH-1000MX3?

Or some other noise cancelling headphones, preferably a pair that works even without music on?

Asking because my oldest child's noise cancelling headphones broke down and they can't be at school without them.

I need equipment for music production at home. I have no idea what to buy. I used 2.0 on Atari ST back in the day, and nowadays I use .

I know how to use a , but I know nothing about recording and audio tracks (although @Linuxtjej has some knowledge).

I don't have much money.

I know and . makes me angry.

Where do I start?

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