J҉̛̜̰̋̋͂͢ͅU҈̡̜͈͊̈̕S̵̘̳͒̽̕͢T҉̖̈̂͜͡ M̵̢̮͔҇̏́Ō̷̢̭̤̞͝N҈̛͎͌̊͜Ĭ̴̢͕̝͡K̴̡̫̲͕̽͞Ą̷͓͈̤̽͐͝

I collaborated with Haze ( @haze1nuts ) to paint two of our favorite characters in Tokyo Revengers :artaww:

I LOVE the new branch story, I feel like I have a part of monika, sayori, natsuki and yuri in me.
(Some spoilers in the picture)

I like brightly colored characters, Here are his companions: Spring, Summer, Autumn.
Their stories are too big for me to write, so I'm shortening them XD
The main theme of the story is "responsibility"

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Introducing some of my favorite oc :artaww: (They are actually the same person)

I participated in the manga competition in Taiwan! You can vote for me with FB :artaww: Until June 21, you can vote every day


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