But I'm not sure that my English is good enough for me to write a good article.

I really should practice writing my diary in English more often...
A few months ago my enthusiasm was still there, now me: ?

I think I'm still trying to get over the damage that rape has done to me


I forced myself to meet a lot of men, and of course they all spoke Taiwanese Mandarin (I missed a lot of opportunities to practice my English)
I still get harassed most of the time (classic: you want to come to my house and watch Netflix?), but I also know a lot of nice people

I may still need a lot of time to deal with my anxiety.

I believe I am strong, so for a while it was hard to accept that the memory of the rape was still affecting me.
But being listened to allowed me to let go of some of that hatred. I hope I can get my life back on track soon (and let me spend more time here talking!)

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