Today's photo! It has a boat, it has a windmill, it has water, it has fun layered buildings - what more do you need :D

Recreate it in your own style, sketch it for practice, or maybe find some inspiration ^.^ And share your creations here!

Enjoy! :bob_ross:


@dorian sure!
If you use it on your SNS, please indicate the source :D!

@blua_floroj Wow, that's cool. I really adore your pixel version. It's a bit brighter and more relaxing to look at then the reference, I like that.

@Vhalesa Thank you, it makes me very happy to hear you say that!☺️

@blua_floroj Wonderful piece of pixel art! I like how you shortened the windmill blade (sorry if the word isn't right, I'm referring to the four long squares on the windmill). It looks cuter that way! I also agree with @Vhalesa that brighter colors look more relaxing. 👍

@RobbieRom i think the windmill blade is right! because i can understand, haha 😄
thank you! 💖

@blua_floroj oh gosh your colour pallet is so nice and the buildings all look amazing! :D

@PlugsArt thank you!!! It’s nice to have someone chat about pixel art :tialove:

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