Hi everyone, it's August.
I am from Taiwan and I am studying English and looking for a job (commission?)
I used to stay in Art Alley, but the management here is more active so it is very attractive.
I often draw anime and pixel!

If my English is strange, please teach me! I still mostly use Google Translate.

My best friend HAZE1 ( @haze1nuts ) came here with me, everyone can follow HAZE1 later!
The two of us may often complain about Asia or Taiwan. Unfortunately, I have been stalked and harassed by Taiwanese for 10+ years. I just hope they won't find me again. D: I have been nervous recently because of them.
Tomorrow I will go to the police station to take action against them, hoping everything goes well.

I have gone to the police station. The attitude of the police is very disappointing. 😩
Reported successfully, now I just have to wait...

me: I believe the police are very friendly
also me: the police caused me a second injury

I just checked the progress of the case and they provided a questionnaire. I chose "very unsatisfied" in all the options of police attitude :( Hope they will handle it!
I don’t know how long to wait, it’s horrible, I hope this thing will end soon.

the police replied to me, but i was very dissatisfied. i can only draw cute crabs now. 😣
"we checked the monitor and found that the fact you said does not exist."
who cares! the point is that I hope they are more cordial!

the point is not to check the facts, but to give promises, otherwise how do people trust the police
i am less and less confident in this whole thing :artsweats:

I went to the police station again today.
This time I went to a different police station, which satisfied me. The whole is cleaner, beautiful, and advanced. The police are also very kind. Unfortunately, the police told me that since the website does not require any qualifications to register, it is quite difficult to track down the prisoners. Suggest that I don't expect too much.

@blua_floroj oh dear doesn't sound like a good experience. Are you okay?

@thiriumheart The police are impatient. He asked me questions, but when I said more than two words, he interrupted me, and then said I interrupted him (me:???)
And the evidence I submitted was wrong, and the size of the evidence was small. In this case, the police also repeatedly blamed me, "You didn't go to college, or didn't have a job, so you made a mistake. You will cause me to be scolded by my boss" This is not relevant at all!!! So angry.

@thiriumheart I have written a complaint letter just now. Hope they will handle it.😩
thanks for your concern!

@blua_floroj Aaawn, that's pretty bumming :c
Even if they are not tracken down I at least hope they never bother you again, August

@blua_floroj Welcome! Your art style is really really lovely 💕 You shouldn't feel embarrassed about your english at all! I also started it with Google Translate, but when you are always actively practicing the language you see the improvement quite fast!

@JasminGris thank you! I think I will have many chatting opportunities here for me to practice, so I am looking forward to it.💖

Language is always changing. English as a lingua franka will be changed by millions of non-native speakers. (As I am). We make this language ours just by forming into the shape our tongues get pleased by.
English is weird. Not you!

@wauz awww, I'm glad to hear that! *feel happy and warm*

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