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Hi everyone, it's August.
I am from Taiwan and I am studying English and looking for a job (commission?)
I used to stay in Art Alley, but the management here is more active so it is very attractive.
I often draw anime and pixel!

If my English is strange, please teach me! I still mostly use Google Translate.

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:thinkhappy: :tinking: these two look friendlier than 🤔 , I have always liked

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Will Mastodon•ART consider adding these emojis? 🥺

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Good morning, happy Thursday!

Let's exchange some wisdom today ^.^ :frida_y_animalitos:

Share a piece of advice, or a tip, from your preferred style of working. It could be something you wished you'd known when you started out, a nifty hack you've discovered yourself that others could benefit from - anything you think might be useful to people starting out in that field!

:bob_ross: :mastoart:

Chocolate and strawberry are a coincidence, I have been looking forward to draw a family pic for girls later
Their concept is broadcast, they want to understand the culture of human beings on earth

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hoho has been redesigned. Here is her old look.
Their name comes from laughter, I just imitated HAZE and created similar characters.
ㄏㄏㄎㄎ is Bopomofo. If you want to hear the pronunciation, you can select Chinese in Google Translate and paste "呵呵顆顆". Taiwanese don't usually laugh like this (we still use haha), so the laughter is a little deliberate and mocking.
I’m not sure if these laughter are unique to Taiwan lol

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I come to follow my friend Haze. This is my
First: Chocolate and strawberries, they are aliens
Second: hoho, she is a crocodile just like coco

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Here is my most spoiled Angelica(Angel for short)

she was created around August 2016 when I went to my friends place at NY. I will post her old concept art later.

I keep making different AUs so I ended up having tons versions of her🙄 there are just waaay too many so I had to narrow a few types down...also I made this chart August last year so it's actually outdated haha there are a couple more I need to add in :polarbears:

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imma post some as well ;D

I am Haze/Hazel, been doing digital art since forever. I've been to many different fandoms before and I've been longing for a safe place to low-key post my oc content since I've been targeted by some ppl who keep referencing my oc design and make money out of it 😷

Mastodon seems to be the prefect secret base for me! I am hoping to meet some new friends here :mastodance: btw I'm also into 3D/MMD/web dev!!

me: I believe the police are very friendly
also me: the police caused me a second injury

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I have gone to the police station. The attitude of the police is very disappointing. 😩
Reported successfully, now I just have to wait...

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PayPal originally provided "", but it can only create one URL. My original URL is the same as my harassed ID, so I can’t use it...
Hope it will be fixed in the future :(

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Ko-fi looks cool! At mastodon I have seen many people use it. But I am not sure if my page is set up correctly.🤔

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thanks to the mighty I was able to finish my 2nd pepakura project in a fairly short time (I think I started around late January?) hopefully I can get the greeting cards and other stuff ready within this week

yeah they are a surprise gift to someone so 🤫

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some doodle of the I created when I was playing some RP project:

Naoki(☢️) for an idol themed RP
Gloria(⚔️) for a RPG adventure themed RP
Skye(🐍) for HP universe RP obviously
Angelica(💚) for an shopping street themed RP

most of them are redesigned now I even split Skye into a pair of twins😉

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old splatoon doodles

Blade is the mc boy ever since S1. Never able to find a time to give these rascals a full profile😭 needd to do that soon since 3 is coming out..!

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