TIL Wirt's cloak in over the garden wall is an old WW2 era nurses cloak and I'm here for it

do fun stuff > be sore for like a whole ass day after > repeat

I like to picture the painter of whatever cave paintings taking a step back, considering their piece, and just being like "eyyy lit"

debating whether i want to try and learn actual publishing software or just let all my zines continue being kinda a mess when i print them and call it a bold aesthetic choice heh

Still feeling out whether I'm going to continue using BookWyrm (have mixed feelings about tracking what I'm reading and whether that makes reading itself feel way too transactional), but for now my reading activity can be found at @blogbourri@bookwyrm.social

is there a legitimate reason to use letterboxd other than ego? /gen

i've used it a bit and i can't find a reason for it to exist, not sure if i'm missing something or if it's just actually skating by on the lack of meaningful alternatives

I guess the necessary step I hadn't tried yet was publicly announcing my confusion, 'cause I immediately figured it out after doing so

On day 3 of casually trying to remember how to unpin a post on lol

colorbash.art/album/a-barista- this is a reissue of an older project that means a lot to me. I still think it's the most important piece of art I have made.

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I wanna be a bat I just wanna fly around outside at night eat bugs and scream

what's the name of the feeling when you did cool things and then went to cool places and talked to cool people and now you are overwhelmed and can't function

Also started a "gratitude jar." Going to occasionally write down things I'm grateful for on paper and add them to the jar 'cause I'm an ungrateful bitch by habit lol. Especially shitty days I can dump them all out and read them if I need the inspo. Plus the jar is cute and looks like an owl.

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Short day at work, we had a callout and had to close early but shit happens. Bought some Halloween stuff. Been reading a Ben Snakepit comic collection. Worked on some music and did arts collective brain thonking.

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besides bandcamp, what are good free options for hosting music online? currently thinking about mirroring our albums across more platforms, like archive.org and i guess maybe youtube, but a lot of the other platforms gatekeep and require having a distro, which gross

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i have never seen an image macro that encompasses my energy so clearly before this

Got zero listens on bandcamp friday despite making a smol effort. I think bandcamp is an oversaturated marketplace with poor *organic* music discovery features (it's all "curated")

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