Yesterday I did a routine reformatting/reinstallation of Windows on my home machine and I get closer and closer to wanting to dualboot some flavor of Linux and try that out, but I got burned real bad last time I tried that. The tech part of me is always curious about it but the need-to-make-a-living-as-an-artist-and-graphic-designer part of me is still... skeptical.

First issue, is I like Windows. Specifically Windows 10. I liked Windows 8. I like the priorities of that OS, its design language and the middle ground between Apple's intense control over what I can do and my past experience with Linux being "you're a grown up now, write your own drivers" and all that kind of stuff. I'm at the point in my life where a computer is an appliance to me and I don't have the desire or time to tinker anymore.

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I'm always very sympathetic to the mission of FLOSS stuff, and donate to the ones I like when I can. Krita is getting pretty good, once you make its workspace more reasonable! But Inkscape does not an Illustrator replacement make, and just in general years of being around technical folk telling me to RTFM, and just the density of that entire world, Linux is something I dip a toe in sometimes but am weary to do anything more.

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Even Mastodon, Peertube and all the other related initiatives end up getting my support, but the overhead of figuring it all out is beyond what I've got available anymore. I end up really adoring the work of moonscript on twitter, who made things like, and all that. I can handle stuff like that, and I can recommend it to loved ones without having to be around to be tech support. That's the goal, I guess.

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