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Back from a hiatus and new to mastodon so figured I'd intro the fight-webcomic I've been working on - will be 8 parts in total, currently working on 6. Heres a single page from parts 1-4 as a primer. View at

When I update a block of content I need a chapter cover for it. These are generally cribbed from the existing art in some way, but for this one I quickly rendered the character in the post below. The pose is more cocky / less violent, but the intensity of the face is still there, space on the top right to fit the logo / text block

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That feeling when something clicks. I've been sitting on a project problem for a few months, occasionally attempting to find a way through it. Latest crack - like that - it fits, its right, can make progress.

thanks for having me. Currently lapsed webcomic guy with time limitations. Currently working on a fight story.


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