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@guephren If the wait, really? is about FH - it was mostly around subtle interface choices that made the app a pleasure to use, if it's AD, then its more I'm not an AI power / print user, and being able to work on the same file from desktop and iPadOS is pretty cool.

I was always a freehand fanboy over AI - even when bought aldus, then sold it off off to macromedia, then bought it back when they bought macromedia, then killed it off for good. Now its designer.

I curate a small crime webcomic directory so if anyone knows of someone working on story in that genre please give them/me a heads up - perhaps its a good fit -

I posted some pages up to - they have strict guidelines (which means perhaps its not the best place for a fightstory) as such I happily censored out any graphic content. In my opinion in didn't affect the flow or comprehension and in fact the negative space may have given things more heft.

Formats. It feels like webcomic content is being pushed towards a mobile friendly format (single col vertical) rather that a more standard print/tablet based format. Not sure I'm on board with this, but will be looking at workflow options around it. Its easy enough create the display engine e.g but do I direct energy towards it... Not sure

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Check out the latest page of The Bekkoning, a sci-fi robot comic by me and , only on Comicadia Worlds!

Updates weekly!

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I tested the activitypub wordpress plugin to my wordpress site with the idea that you could get dedicated release notifications into the fediverse without the rest of the blather. e.g. @projectnews Need to sort profile pic but an interesting idea.

Back from a hiatus and new to mastodon so figured I'd intro the fight-webcomic I've been working on - will be 8 parts in total, currently working on 6. Heres a single page from parts 1-4 as a primer. View at

When I update a block of content I need a chapter cover for it. These are generally cribbed from the existing art in some way, but for this one I quickly rendered the character in the post below. The pose is more cocky / less violent, but the intensity of the face is still there, space on the top right to fit the logo / text block

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@MystSaphyr I don’t use this personally but I see that @CBWebb who posts on here recommends art pose on their apps and resources page could be worth checking out the app (and the art)

@katwylder I’m not much of an illustrator power user (freehand mx rip) but you might want to check out Affinity Designer. It has a free trial on the web store. And has an excellent iPad version as well. Low cost no subscribe.

That feeling when something clicks. I've been sitting on a project problem for a few months, occasionally attempting to find a way through it. Latest crack - like that - it fits, its right, can make progress.

@reinderdijkhuis for me I have little time to quietly sit in front of a machine to work - so I've found the ipad pro a godsend. Being able to create content, take notes, sync it with the cloud, then when I find time on the pc... have all the content there a hand is pretty cool. For some stuff I need the quiet, so I understand what I can do in public/isolated spheres and work accordingly.

thanks for having me. Currently lapsed webcomic guy with time limitations. Currently working on a fight story.


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