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After working with basic corridor backgrounds for the last bit I had a challenge of rendering a complex environment across multiple panels for an upcoming fight. Panic/Inertia set in until I cracked it - Blender to the rescue.

@strawberry as well as Inkscape check out affinity designer which Is my current fav. No subscription, Trial version available.

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November 3

Here is an old (and quite heavy) metal pedal car that needed a fresh paint job, for looks and to help preserve it.

The car was airbrushed, pinstriped and sign written (vinyl vehicle signage) with a “Bad Bones” two tone skull theme.

Check out that skull
Blue and Grey two tone
Fresh paint, new ride


@AJS can’t say I have. Action might work better horizontally but Either would be a challenge to get right for mobile. Someone out there will have cracked it.

@AJS I don’t think I’ve seen a version that snaps when I was looking. Can’t say these are the best but two example, the first shows pacing via image spacing and shape webtoons.com/en/challenge/dest and the second pacing around dialogue webtoons.com/en/drama/muted/ep

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@sarcellecannelle love it totally captured the original. I now know a little about sketchfab as well.

unreasonable? Maybe but I hope it becomes the norm. I like dedicated spaces and separation

Needed a pic for something and a reason to quit stalling on something else. Pic of Z from BINARY will do nicely.

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@lofi That is cool - captures more than just the likeness

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@JoKeR pretty much agreed. The minuses have outweighed the pluses for a long time and feels like it is finally tapering off

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