After working with basic corridor backgrounds for the last bit I had a challenge of rendering a complex environment across multiple panels for an upcoming fight. Panic/Inertia set in until I cracked it - Blender to the rescue.

Needed a pic for something and a reason to quit stalling on something else. Pic of Z from BINARY will do nicely.

If anyone can recommend some vertical scroll- style webcomics that demonstrate excellent pacing... I don’t have a good feel for the style so any links would be appreciated

I curate a small crime webcomic directory so if anyone knows of someone working on story in that genre please give them/me a heads up - perhaps its a good fit -

Formats. It feels like webcomic content is being pushed towards a mobile friendly format (single col vertical) rather that a more standard print/tablet based format. Not sure I'm on board with this, but will be looking at workflow options around it. Its easy enough create the display engine e.g but do I direct energy towards it... Not sure

Back from a hiatus and new to mastodon so figured I'd intro the fight-webcomic I've been working on - will be 8 parts in total, currently working on 6. Heres a single page from parts 1-4 as a primer. View at


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