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Back from a hiatus and new to mastodon so figured I'd intro the fight-webcomic I've been working on - will be 8 parts in total, currently working on 6. Heres a single page from parts 1-4 as a primer. View at

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After working with basic corridor backgrounds for the last bit I had a challenge of rendering a complex environment across multiple panels for an upcoming fight. Panic/Inertia set in until I cracked it - Blender to the rescue.

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November 3

Here is an old (and quite heavy) metal pedal car that needed a fresh paint job, for looks and to help preserve it.

The car was airbrushed, pinstriped and sign written (vinyl vehicle signage) with a “Bad Bones” two tone skull theme.

Check out that skull
Blue and Grey two tone
Fresh paint, new ride

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Needed a pic for something and a reason to quit stalling on something else. Pic of Z from BINARY will do nicely.

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Inktober themed post b/w abcwarriors pinup from Simon Bisley late 80s I think.

If anyone can recommend some vertical scroll- style webcomics that demonstrate excellent pacing... I don’t have a good feel for the style so any links would be appreciated

I was always a freehand fanboy over AI - even when bought aldus, then sold it off off to macromedia, then bought it back when they bought macromedia, then killed it off for good. Now its designer.

I curate a small crime webcomic directory so if anyone knows of someone working on story in that genre please give them/me a heads up - perhaps its a good fit -

I posted some pages up to - they have strict guidelines (which means perhaps its not the best place for a fightstory) as such I happily censored out any graphic content. In my opinion in didn't affect the flow or comprehension and in fact the negative space may have given things more heft.

Formats. It feels like webcomic content is being pushed towards a mobile friendly format (single col vertical) rather that a more standard print/tablet based format. Not sure I'm on board with this, but will be looking at workflow options around it. Its easy enough create the display engine e.g but do I direct energy towards it... Not sure

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Check out the latest page of The Bekkoning, a sci-fi robot comic by me and , only on Comicadia Worlds!

Updates weekly!

#comics #webcomics #update #indiecomics #scifi


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