an assemblage that hopefully speaks for itself, though it is anyone's guess how.

a somewhat goatly creature called Donelly associated with a person known as pinderhooks ( ) compares bell sizes with a meeply individual of little consequence

a commission drawing for Kazzcoyote with a special appearance by an entity called Dreamlad in a scene reportedly inspired by silverware

a powerful figure called Lishka often associated with taco cat arts ( ) has had just about enough of this

a fairly annoying creature called narthex positioned on a fairly stupid piece of furniture considers a hot topic, or at least it was hot half an hour ago.

It has often been said that if you hold an Ortega brand taco shell to one ear that you can hear New Jersey. I do not think that is true; I have been to New Jersey and it does not sound like taco shells, but the creature nemitz is ignorant and inclined to hold fanciful beliefs. has my commission form

nobody here has asked, I don't think, but chances are I would have missed that if it did happen!

a commission drawing for beiua javanshir of a space explorer experiencing a typical occupational hazard

a minimally animated commission for a person called Deiser of a creature that I am not sure I trust.

a thoroughly unnecessary drawing of a creature known as narthex since I have been too busy trying to animate on an old project to draw, outside of that, anything of substance.

a perhaps misguided attempt to use and draw over a 3d model in clip stupido paint, featuring an insincere and generally terrible plantoid.

a commission drawing for kazzcoyote in which two associates that I drew in the past seem to still be getting along.

a moderately liberty-taking drawing of a mysterious individual associated with Sabik Sphinx called Charlotte, who brings up a good point.

a determined figure named Tundra for @0torin ( ).
this looks rather a bit like the previous drawing I posted and something I would draw anyway, barring two minor differences, because I was tired of challenges for the moment.

a less-than-accurate drawing of CrazyDragon ( )'s namesake creature disseminating information. It got more complicated than it was meant to, the usual.

a commission drawing for someone called Perikaryon of a musician that I suspect over-estimates its talents.

mysterious drawing eleven or thereabouts for @RelaxingDragon1. ( )
I skipped posting 8 and 10 because they weren't very good, and then made this one too "good," which is why I can't give away drawings very often!

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