good day here is free sketch number 7 for FelisCouchus
who also got one last time but since it was early on it was really crummy compared to later ones so I thought he should be eligible to participate in round 2

with all the corporate synergy in video games I am surprised this has not been a real promotion. although I also don't follow that sort of thing so perhaps it has.

sketch number 5 for Sav3St4te of a very business-oriented bear person

don't be fooled, this weirdo is from another planet and only hasn't been deported because nobody is certain how to do that.
Also it was drawn in 2016 but I successfully forgot about it until now

sketch number 4, for @dookingplaza, featuring a cat-like wizard person

yes for ( ) indeed

as I noted
free sketches are open ( ) again and assuming you have a page there and aren't skipping these scrappy posts you can get one also

for Iankeaton_Fox, ( ) featuring a flower

there is something wrong with me, I offered ( )free sketches again, meant to actually be sketches this time, but i am up to 46 and alas they have become somewhat less sketchy. I also have touched this one up since initially posting it! Still there are 22 spots left.

commission drawing for RelaxingDragon1 whose friend SikDrift seems to have some unusual habits

a commission drawing for the very generous AustinDern of a character of the same name who must have decided the scene was not colorful enough

startlingly elaborate commission drawing for Animancer featuring Luck, the jerboa type person, not quite succeeding at golf and possibly other things

commission drawing for Cyanic in which Keero eats spicy noodles

a commission drawing; relaxingdragon1 shelled out good money for this scene
in which Theo and Klusek are on an eggspedition to find great riches. Theo looks out for fowl traps determined to ensure the yolk isn't on them. Presumably they have eluded omelette so far but the slightest deviled device may send both ovum scrambling for safety.

a commission drawing for in which the ordinarily half-naked bealix is scandalously yet more naked

commission drawing for kazzcoyote of instagram, in which a visitor from another place makes a good impression

don't tell anyone this is from 2013! In fact i may even have posted it here before.

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