a needlessly nemity variation on a widely circulated image of uncertain origin

a commission drawing for @Rabbit_Or_Habit ( twitter.com/Rabbit_Or_Habit ) of a creature named Fortune in a strange place

a commission drawing for dookingplaza ( twitter.com/dookingplaza ), who wanted these creatures, elpse and nemitz, dressed like on this comic page ( bimshwel.com/ope/wud/?p=564 ) and at probably about that point in what passes for a storyline "resting in a park or setting with trees and greenery" and also gave me a pose to start with, so this is what has come of it!

Do not believe anything this idiot tells you. In fact, I would encourage you to not engage in conversation at all, but of course you are an adult and can make your own decisions.

a commission drawing for @indrikisxiii ( twitter.com/indrikisxiii ) of a fishy person named Rad Red who seems to be rad ready for rad bed

a commission drawing for twitter.com/mold_vr of a creature evidently named Vinny Mold who is putting a flower into a big pot that is probably not a flower pot.
I was given a layout in advance for this so I didn't necessarily know what everything meant!

A commission drawing for @JumpFolf ( twitter.com/JumpFolf ) of a creature named MIMIMP who apparently at one point was a mimic treasure chest and retained a taste for adventurers' trinkets after taking on a more imp-like form.

the end of the rainbow seems rather overrated these days

a commission drawing for @nafradorf ( twitter.com/nafradorf ) of a peculiar imp possibly named Grimaldi foraging for mushrooms or flowers near the mushroom forest that the imp is believed to reside in.

The initial "idea" of this was to redraw legend of zelda sprites based on how i remembered interpreting them as a child looking at a blendy television screen, so they don't all have a point, and then the idea itself got somewhat warped as I added more figures.

I believe in putting function before fashion but some people seem able to have both. However my previous statement is not intended to imply that such persons are depicted in this image.

I am sure that creature will find something better to do with itself some day.

this creature is known as mendacity and has suspicious habits

a commission drawing for TheSandling ( twitter.com/TheSandling ) of an opossumly wizard named Lechannia who goes to places like this and does this

a creature known as nemitz preparing to do/possibly already doing something annoying. nothing new.

a pixel animation commission sequence for @Kylee13th ( twitter.com/Kylee13th )of Colossus, who seems to be powerful

a commission drawing from a person called Relaxingdragon ( twitter.com/RelaxingDragon1/ ) as a gift for a person called Rumwik, ( twitter.com/Rumwik ) who is fond of crabs and cartoon characters with conspicuously pronounced noses.

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