a commission drawing from a person called Relaxingdragon ( twitter.com/RelaxingDragon1/ ) as a gift for a person called Rumwik, ( twitter.com/Rumwik ) who is fond of crabs and cartoon characters with conspicuously pronounced noses.

I scream you scream we all scream for nemitz (orange imp) to be fired immediately

a lobster which looks to be pretty good at what it does is ridden by a lizard-like being possibly called lope that is objectively terrible
this seems familiar for some reason

this attitude exists but the depicted situation is imaginary, since that is the only way anyone, even a dopey purple lizard, would invite that snake anywhere, and neither would likely be permitted in most dining establishments anyway, due to covid, naturally.

Free, possibly final twitter "sketch" number ehhh for Shibalympics ( twitter.com/shibalympics ), featuring whatever is going on here. When I asked about clothing it was suggested I include a sweater dress with a window, and I made it known that I had elected to interpret it in this manner.

a robision drawing for indrikisxiii ( twitter.com/indrikisxiii )of a cat-like person named Miretti who is fascinated by 1980s technology

a robision drawing of a mysterious unnamed dog person belonging to twitter.com/happart11 who seems to be lost in thought, presumably about something very important

free 'sketch' long lost number 56 for KnarranDragon ( twitter.com/KnarranDragon ) featuring a large, potentially fearsome reptilian sort

a commission-type drawing featuring balladaheart ( furaffinity.net/user/balladahe ) and hexensmartfox ( furaffinity.net/user/hexensmar )'s characters hugging while wearing vaguely robin-hoodly outfits in a snowy environment

free ''''sketch'''' number 2-81 for RealClapperson ( twitter.com/RealClapperson ), featuring Prescott, a photography enthusiast who never passes up a good shot.
And unless a few key people who seem to have disappeared indicate that not to be the case, that ought to be all of them. And so back to work!

twittor 'sketch' 2-78 for Z_dog_64 ( twitter.com/Z_dog_64 ), in which a creature called Zander administers frontier justice

this is probably more like what would happen if you fired a bullet at an enormous egg, but for all i know pumpkins are allergic to cowboys and thus take extra damage from their preferred weaponry

free 'sketch' 2-77, for DuckDebugger ( twitter.com/DuckDebugger ), in which Elliot Sketch employs the dark arts to make popcorn and nemitz pretends to be useful. (i am not fooled)

free 'sketch' 82 for twitter.com/RPLizard in which Retro vows revenge against a digital antagonist that impugned the honor of his date friend called fifi

I was a bit ill yesterday and this drawing may have turned out more strangely than was initially intended

free approximately whatever this is 72, for KingTrashPossum ( deviantart.com/users/outgoing? ), in which a creature named Raven but who is not a raven and only named that out of irony calls forth a storm of some sort, possibly just to say hello.

free 'sketch' 2-79 for Nova4Cooper ( twitter.com/Nova4Cooper ), moments before Sigm4 steals nemitz' groceries for a good reason.

free twitter 'sketch' so to speak 2-76 in which lyraderg ( twitter.com/lyraderg ) refuses the services of a dope

free """sketch""" number 74 for @ErikaTweetsToo. ( twitter.com/ErikaTweetsToo ) I hope it is self-explanatory because I sure can't explain it.

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