free "sketch" 44 for Mudtalon7 ( ). I strongly advise against accepting a ride or any other sort of favor from this creature, regardless of what it tells you.

free sketch or something 43 for Knadire ( )
for anyone concerned that nemitz (orange imp) might not want to be hit by water balloons right now, I can safely assure you that mit probably does not.

a perhaps needlessly overdone drawing meant to resemble the unnamed princess character from Dawn Best's sylvanna comic strip ( ), who hopefully does not get too bored standing around all day

free "sketch" 39 for @raptorism and whooops that account isn't there anymore! I do not know what happened there but this gargoyle looks trustworthy and presumably had nothing to do with it

free sketch 37 for in which Raldy impresses/annoys onlookers with hands-free yoyo tricks

a commission drawing for Cyanic, in which a caralynx creature named Sudo is "ambushed by a small group of dopes" in a jungle. Somehow I ended up also adding several animals with suspicious resemblances to dopes.

free sketch 33 for zukarotravon, who did not realize how hot it was going to be outside today

free sketch 27 for plushmageEleen; the wrench seems to be very important.

free sketch 26 for, a snake person wearing a mask, because it won't be allowed into stores otherwise

free sketch 25 for
I forgot to draw the wings, broken or not. I can't think what would have distracted me from noticing that!

free "sketch" 23, gets raked
yikes this is definitely not a sketch! but it amused me so i justified the extra effort on account of that

a slightly less than on-model drawing of Michael Shannon as Nelson Van Alden from the television series Boardwalk Empire, from 2019, which never seemed interesting enough to display anywhere, but yester-evening several small imbeciles seemed to take notice.

mostly inspired by using twitter, though admittedly I primarily get nfl, pepsi and doritos rubbed in my business off the internet

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