Was out yesterday sketching and got distracted by this view across the street from what I was supposed to be sketching - sign customized by me (it's a Masonic building)

I see you all trying to be creative, to make things, to push past art blocks, to find inspiration, to get better, to find your style, to make your mark.

I see you trying and I'm proud of you all <3

Remember, you don't have to make what you think you should be making. Try something new. Try something exciting. Don't strive for perfection, strive for finding the joy in creating for creation's sake. Find your happy art place and languish there for a while. :bowie_stardust:

Having done about 7 installments of Silverwood, the art is wanting to evolve into a direction and so I'm exploring what that might be like - I'm gonna let it go where it wants to go
Couple of character studies, Helen Silverwood on the left, Kate Silverwood on the right

Once when I was a kid I told my mom to quit yelling at me and my mom, an operatically trained soprano, said “I’m not yelling yet. I will let you know when I’m yelling.”

One (just one) valuable resource that sits over on the bird site is this archive of tips from Jesse Hamm, who took a huge amount of time to document a veritable ton of insight on how to make comics. Valuable, valuable tips. Maybe just bookmark this one solitary thing and leave the rest to the bros.


Just got a like 30-year-old garage door opener replaced and I had no idea you weren't supposed to be able to hear the thing operating throughout the entire house (with a detached garage, no less) - life has taken a step forward

I hear it's so here are some out-of-context frames from Silverwood (noir scifi) that I woke up and worked on this morning

Silverwood's style is emerging and differentiating from Neptune Road more and more, it's more hard-edged and of course b/w

Archive's at betsystreeter.com/silverwood

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