🎶 "Where, where, where are you now?"

An old piece I still love, drawn to "Six Feet Under" by Deap Vally.

@bestiaexmachina Much to love. I am no artist, just start doodling and see what happens. I did fill every notebook in grade and high school with doodles, feeling jailed unless it was a writing or art class, Never once did homework until university, which I loved Sadly, my talent lies in writing, and dying due to a spine that is falling apart took my hobby of painting... No big deal, after the bloody life of a soldier in intelligence, the pit where they hide your body count even from you, I kept my ethics close and death will welcome me with open thighs, as we used to sing on the march... here is a doodle I did for a flyer for a reading I used to run under my old alias,

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